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JOOLA Tetra – 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top Reviews

JOOLA Tetra – 4 piece ping pong table top for pool table is a convertible billiard table into a full-size table tennis table, in which you can enjoy both the games. JOOLA is a German company and a trusted brand for more than 60 years that launched the table tennis equipment for the worldwide tournaments.

JOOLA Tetra – 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top

Reviews of JOOLA Tetra 4 piece ping pong table top are as follows:

The table is ideal for those who are looking for a portable and very easy to set up a design that does not take up much time and is completely hassle-free.It is a fun tabletop for the family ping pong matches and will enjoy the game as it is a decent conversion tabletop.

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But if you want to play professional matches this table cannot be preferred as the ball bounce is relatively low which makes it unfit for that level.Due to its lightweight weight, it can be easily transported to any place without much hassle and though its lightweight but the quality of the construction and the material is quite high, there is no complaint regarding this section.

  • Though it has a debatable price range as for some it is too costly but for some, it lies in the decent price range as compared to the professional tabletops.
  • As it is made by JOOLA a very trusted company so you can easily rely on the quality of the product as it is known for the expertise in the manufacturing of the ping pong tables.


Advantages of JOOLA tetra 4 piece ping pong table top is as follows:

  • The dimensions of the table are 108” x 60” x 0.5”.
  • Produced by one of the most trusted brands so it is completely reliable.
  • Can be easily converted into any table such as billiard, air hockey, picnic or dining table; which makes it a multipurpose table by just adjusting it into various dimensions.
  • The table is a compact piece which makes it easy to keep at home with minimum space usage as it can be adjusted to various lengths and breadths.
  • The table has a medium-density fireboard which makes it easy to carry and convert the table quickly in a few minutes due to its lightweight. (81lbs)
  • The durability of the table is very good and has a long life.
  • Have EVA foam padding that protects the tabletop from dents and scratches which occurs while using the table.
  • Also includes net set with the table so that you get all the necessary setups easily with it.


The disadvantages of JOOLA tetra 4 piece ping pong table top are as follows:-

  • The table is not easy to maintain and clean as it has to be handled with care due to its various adjusting and assembling parts.
  • It is a very expensive conversion table top which makes it heavy on your pockets.
  • Has an average ball bounce which makes it bit infamous among the players and makes the game quite lethargic.


If you want to buy the JOOLA tabletop the recreational purposes and don’t want much hassle while assembling the table you should go for this as it is a multipurpose table and takes just a few minutes to set up. The major drawback is that it needs to be handled with care and maintenance is not so easy. Rest it is a good option for the ping pong lovers and also for the kids who want to learn to play the game and enjoy the game. The reviews for this table by the buyers are amazing and people do recommend this table if you are looking for a convertible ping pong table.


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