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JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Ping pong table Review

You’ve been practising table tennis and is started to get confident with your skill. You’ve also saved up money to upgrade your table tennis tools, from the paddles to the table. However, you’re not confident that you can use tools specifically designed for professionals.

JOOLA Tour 1800 review: Is it worth buying?

If the case above is your current situation, we’ve got what you need! We believe that JOOLA Tour 1800 is the perfect candidate for your standard table tennis practice. Check out our JOOLA Tour 1800 review below!

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JOOLA Tour 1800 Features

Here are the basic features of JOOLA Tour 1800:

  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Playing dimension: 9′ x 5′
  • Product dimension: 108” x 60” x 30′
  • Storage dimension: 62” x 24” x 65”
  • Play thickness: 18mmm
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes net and post
  • Locking wheels available
  • Folding legs
  • Additional anti-tilting device
  • Can be rolled away
  • Foldable

From the basic features, we can see that JOOLA Tour 1800 is heavy-duty table tennis. It is easy to move and can be halved, making it a great table for playing indoor. You can also fold it, giving more room for your other needs.

Pros of JOOLA Tour 1800

For the prince of $499 to $680, JOOLA our 1800 offers several advantages that would be too good to pass:

  • Physically flexible

From its basic features, you can see right away how adjustable the table is. Its feet have roller balls, allowing people to move the table in a slide (literally). You can also fold one side of the table up. This way, you can play by yourself if you don’t feel like socializing with others.

  • Team USA-approved

Team USA is the national community that focuses on professional players and matches such as the Olympics and Paralympics. JOOLA Tour 1800 is approved by Team USA, meaning it fulfils all the necessary requirements for table tennis players to be able to play comfortably.

  • Extra goodies

if you purchase the table, you will get a net and its posts as a bonus. It’s a pretty good deal, considering you need to spend extra money on the table. You do, however, need to buy your own table tennis paddles and balls.

  • Firm and sturdy

There’s no need to worry about tilting since JOOLA Tour 1800 is equipped with necessities to keep the table straight and sturdy. It has locking wheels to prevent the table from sliding away for no reason. For other measurements, they also installed the anti-tilting device so that you can play without any worry.

  • Can be used by everybody

The playing surface has a white line in the middle of it, allowing a two-player match. The design makes the table perfect for parties or for hanging out with friends.

Cons of JOOLA Tour 1800

Although JOOLA Tour 1800 has some good points, there are some setbacks you need to consider.

  • Heavy

Although the table can be moved pretty quickly, that does not mean they are not burdensome. After all, the table weighs 170 lbs. So if you want to move it, you will need at least another person to help you.

  • Need large space

The table can be folded, but it’s still a fact that the table is full. Even if you fold it, you will still need a pretty decent amount of space. If your rooms are not that wide, you have no other choice but to put the table in the garage or backyard.

  • Thin playing surface

Its 18mm playing surface is not that bad, but it’s not the best either. Professional tables’ thickness is at least 25mm, and the gap between 18mm and 25 mm is quite significant. Moreover, to get a decent bounce from the ball, your table’s surface should be at least 19mm. It’s just a 1mm difference, but the difference can change the outcome of the game.

Is JOOLA Tour 1800 the right table for you?

If you’re aiming to become a pro, you will need a thicker playing surface to get the “right” bounce from your table tennis ball. However, if you want a decent table that can be used for recreation, either by yourself or with others, then this table is the right choice for you.

Other choices:

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