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Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationary Table Review

Have you ever thought of buying a black table tennis table? If you did not, then think of having a classy black well-finished table tennis table in your garden. It looks great and merges well with any kind of interior. The visibility of impurities and scratches is lesser on the black surface. So which black stationary table will fit your requirements? We will suggest Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationery Outdoor table.

This is just the right kind of common ping pong table which you will find in places like office, club, and school or in apartment community halls. The manufacturer is a reputed one and they proclaim that this tabletop is weatherproof and provides 10 years warranty on it. As this one is one of the first sports stationery developed by Kettlers, this one comes with exquisite technology and modern design. This table is perfect for outdoor sports as it has good supports of sturdy legs, strong material make, and chrome coat finish.  The anchor bolts are used to keep the table in its place securely.

Kettler Eden Weatherproof Stationary Table Review

Price wise it is not cheap, and it is not supposed to be, so when you know you will get something worthy of the price, you must not hesitate to put your money in.


  • The table is 9 ft long with a weatherproof 10mm melamine top. There is an anti-glare coating too, to provide an excellent playing experience. You can expect a great bounce from the tabletop.
  • The edges are doubly strengthened, so it does not get cracked or chipped. They are covered with 2 inches galvanized steel apron.
  • The underside is 2 inches wide and comes with a galvanized tubular steel frame with crossbars.
  • The total set up weighs 280 lbs. the frame is sturdy enough to handle this weight and also it can be put in anywhere, in any ground.
  • The steel legs are robust and 4 inches thick. These are wide and rectangular in shape to hold the table perfectly. They are hot-dip galvanized and have a chrome look with powder coat finish. The legs allow you to anchor the table on the floor. The anchor bolts are included in this package.
  • The net and post system is also made from galvanized steel and is permanent. The 4 mm thick permanent steel net, the net posts are hot-dip galvanized too, and they also come with chrome look with powder coat finish to prevent erosion and weathering.
  • It is much easy to assemble this stationary table as it does not contain any moving parts. Neither any wheels nor any folding frames come with this table package. This process of assembly is basic and it requires roundabout one hour to get it assembled and working.
  • The storage of this table is not really great, as this one has been engineered to keep outside. This one will handle all the rough weather but moving it inside after every game session is a hazard. As it weighs 280 lbs, at least 4 adults will be required to hold and shift it to some other place. You can get cover to fit the table which may keep it safe.
  • The functionality of this table is great. The thickness of the melamine tabletop lets you play exciting games and also it offers superb bounce. The thickness helps the ball with stability and extra bounce which you will get in ample in this table. This is a really responsive table and who plays topspin or underspin will find it effective.
  • The manufacturer Kettler offers 10 years warranty on this tabletop and 3 years warranty on all the remaining components. This is a great reason to select this table tennis table over its competitors as it shows the amount of trust it comes with from the manufacturers.


  • Weatherproof melamine top
  • Rectangle galvanized steel legs
  • Permanent net and post
  • Industrial level strength and style
  • 10 years warranty on tabletop


  • No fold-up playback mode
  • Heavy, and without any wheel


You can be a beginner player or a pro in table tennis, you will love the experience of playing in this Kettler Eden weatherproof stationary outdoor table. This is more than a regular stationary table as it has the weatherproof melamine top and also this one promises great bounce with every hit of ball. The post system is also galvanized as well. The table is ready to be set up in an apartment complex, school, parks or in resorts. As it is a commercial grade heavy duty ping pong table, it comes with a robust body. This table is a durable one and it will last you for decades. You can safely invest in one such table and enjoy the game of table tennis on the free days of summer.

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