Kettler Outdoor 10 vs Cornilleau 500m Ping Pong Table

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Hey all Ping Pong lovers, if you are thinking about buying a table tennis table and have doubt about which one is suitable for you?, then you are at the right place. We all know table tennis is basically an indoor game, So we would first recommend you to get an indoor ping pong table. However, there is some kind or problem or you do not have much space to have table installed inside your home and garage, then in that case, you can go with the outdoor ping pong tables.

Outdoor table tennis can very good choice if you want to enjoy drinks, snacks along with other fun elements and sunlight during springs and summers. Then outdoor ping-pong table may prove to much more social benefit as you can enjoy it along with your friends and neighbours. Just place it in your garden and enjoy long hours of entertainment.

Kettler outdoor 10 vs Cornilleau 500m ping pong table Comparison

In this article, we would help you to give idea of the two top most ping-pong tables available in the market, i.e. Kettler Outdoor 10 and cornilleau 500m ping pong table there features along with their benefits and drawbacks, So that it will be easier for you choose, which one will be suitable for you.

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Kettler Outdoor 10 Table:

First, we will talk about Ketller outdoor 10 table tennis table. The kettler outdoor 10 is one of the high quality products offer by kettler range of table tennis tables (ketller outdoor 6.0, champ 5.0 etc.). It has 2” wide square legs and solid crossbeam ends, which make it make irt more durable in every environment, then other products. Let we look at detailed features of kettler outdoor 10

  1. Design – When we talk about built and design of the kettler Outdoor 10 table tennis, there is the one word answer for this and that is excellent. It is covered with aluminium composite top layer, which protects it from all weather conditions. You can easily contract and expand the table as you change any change in outdoor conditions. Generally outdoor ping-pong tables have warping up property, but that’s not possible with kettlers as it has aluminium composite top, which make it able to have bounce like indoor tables. It also has resin apron protection around the edges of the table and water based topcoat to protect it from scratch, fade and UV radiations from the sun.
  2. Playability – It accompanied with the weather resistance net, which can tolerate any tension and height. There is elastic band along the side of the tables, so that it will be convenient for storing racquets and other accessories. The presence of aluminium composite performs very well and you will get stable and steady bounce throughout the table top, however when we compare it with cornilleau 500 it offers much better bounce.
  3. Assembly – This another important aspect we have to consider while purchasing pin- pong tables. When it comes to assemble time for kettler outdoor 10. It is takes around only 90 minutes to assemble, which is very quick and fast in comparison with other ping-pong tables available at similar price segment. However, you may need some extra hands while assembling it for lifting the table top.
  4. Storage/Moving – It has 4 ½ inch dual swivwling high tolerant wheels, that let you easily to move the table on grass, dirt, pavements etc. It’s wheel also has locking mechanism, which make it easy to keep the table at fixed position. It also has playback mode, which if needed you can fold table in a compact storage place as well. The best thing about it is single hand locking system, which is very similar to the Cornilleau 500M.
  5. Safety Features – Talking about safety of the kettler outdoor 10, it has resin soft protection around edges, which not only protect the table from damages, but players from accidently banging into sharp edges of the table. It also has the single hand locking system to keep it intact at a place.

Pros and Cons of Kettler outdoor 10


  • Very durable and good quality playability, stability.
  • Prized around $1500, offers similar features like Cornilleau 500M, but at lesser price.
  • Aluminium composite top layer for consistent bounce.
  • Resin soft protection around edges.
  • 5 years kettler warranty


  • Wheel are less durable when compare with 500M
  • Have other competitions like 400M at similar price.
  • Very long assembly time
  • Very heavy in weight.

Cornilleau 500M

When we talk about ConilleaU 500M , we can say that it is one of the best ping-pong table available in the market. It is designed particularly for outdoor purpose. Its built quality is very sturdy and stable, which is very easy to fold and store, so that you don’t have to worry about anything else just enjoy your game. Its top has coated with laminated material so that it will prevent it from all weather conditions and direct sunlight. Now let us we talk about some of its features.

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  1. Design – It has 7mm thick resin lamination over the top of the table, which make this table weather resistant as well harmful sun rays. This kind of protection of (min 5mm to 10mm) is required for longevity of the any outdoor ping-pong table. Otherwise, the table will loose its quality and it is good for playing. The 500M stands are made up of 2.25inch galvanized steel to prevent it from rusting and helps in maintaining and supporting the stability of the table.. As per brands claim, that you can keep outside 24/7 without worrying about anything, however we would suggest you to cover the top and fold it away for keeping the table cover in best condition always.
  2. Playability – Along with protection, this lamination helps in bouncing of the ball very consistent throughout the whole table. The top of the table is made up of anti-glare material, which help you in playing the game without effective from sun reflection during mid day.. Its leg has very wide feet for extra support and height adjustment capability, so that the stability of the table will be maintained during the game play and it height modulations make it wheel chair friendly, so that it design won’t come between during game play.
  3. Assembly – It’s assembly time of around 90 minutes, which is as same as the kettler outdoor 10. There are many other tables available in the market, which would take around 2 – 3 hours when it comes to assembling, but there are other tables which come 90 % preassembled and take less than 10 minutes for gather together its parts.
  4. Storage/Moving – Like some other tables, which can be splitted into two halves by folding, this cornilleaus ping-pong table don’t have that ability, however it would take around minute or so to store it in its position. It has 16 automatic table-top locking points, which will ensure that the table won’t collapse accidently. Its wheel has locking mechanism, to ensure that your table would not move unexpectedly. It has single-handed locking system as we had mentioned above in kettler 10 outdoor.
  5. Safety Features –  When we Talk about safety of the cornilleau 500m, like kettler 10 outdoor it also has resin soft protection around edges, which protect the table from damages and players from accidently banging into sharp edges of the table. It also has the single hand locking system to keep it intact at a place. 


  • 7mm weather resistant table surfacewhich make it better option in comparison to kettler
  • Durable corrosion-proof framefor longevity
  • Massive double wheelsfor providing stability
  • Galvanized steel stands
  • Wheelchair friendlyadjustable height mechanism
  • Bat and ball storage vent is provided
  • Adjustable, retractable weatherproof netfor convenient playing
  • Come in two colour options
  • Cornilleau gives 10-yearwarranty
  • Resin protection around edges
  • Good movability due to sturdy wheels


  • Long assembly time of 90 minutes
  • Fairly heavyaround 160lbs
  • Priceis very high if we compare particularly with kettler 10 outdoor


So here is the comparison between Kettler 10 and Cornilleau 500M pin-pong tables, both are best at their price ranges. When we talk about quality kettler will offer when it comes to ping-pong tables aroung $1500, it can easily outstand all of its completion. However when we compare it with cornilleau 500 M it cannot outstand its standard and quality, but for cornilleau one you have to pay around 250 to 300 bucks more. So its totally depends upon your budget and requirements, which one of them you want.

I hope you liked our article about comparison between kettler 10 and cornilleau 500M outdoor ping-pong tables, and we are able to solve for dilemma and search for best option. In this article, we have discussed about their specifications, features and their pros and cons. So, if you are interested with any one of them please go for buying them. Please feel free to share this article with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.

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