Killerspin Diamond C Review

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RTG Diamond C is the ping pong or table tennis racket By The Killerspin – A Table Tennis equipment brand. Killerspin Diamond is the series for ping pong racket and Diamond C is a part of the series.

Killerspin Diamond C Features and Review

Let see what features the Diamond C has.

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A Big Match Player –

Diamond C has very energetic features as it provides a fast pace to the ball, a high-level game requires a player to play fast so this racket is perfect for big games.

Diamond C full-fill all the standards of ITTF – International Table Tennis Federation. Netrix 4Z rubber has been used in it which is an ITTF approved rubber.

The High Speed –

The best thing about Diamond C is its speed which comes through seven-layer combination; 2 layers of carbon and the other 5 are of wood. The rating speed is 9.8, higher than any standard racket available.

The weight of Diamond C is in balance which provides a good combination of speed and power in the game.

Price –

Its characteristics overshadow its price, players love to spend for this speedy racket. The price is not so high as compared to its features.

Key Points

  • Good speed racket for big games
  • Good Grip for better control of the force of hand
  • 7 Layer coated – 2 of carbon and 5 of wood
  • Easy to use, You don’t need to assemble it just wrapped off and play.

This is a racket for the quality players who like speed in the game. It prefers a unique style of play.


Overall this is a good racket to have, Price doesn’t matter in front of good quality. This is a highly recommended racket for big tournaments.

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