Killerspin Jet 600 vs 800 

Killerspin Jet 600 vs 800 
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Through this article, the users will get to know about the best ping pong paddle that they can use. We know that the ping pong game is the game of skills but we also know that if we have the right equipment then it can make quite a huge difference. Also, it is important that the users chose the right paddle for themselves.

Killer Spin Jet 800

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This is regarded to be one of the best-selling rackets that the users will regard as worth purchasing. The performance ratings that this racket has achieved are 9.5 for speed and 9 for spin whereas 8 for control.


It is important that we look at the overall construction when we are discussing the review. Basically, we see that both have premium construction and it indicates longevity. It is made through ply and composite wood and has two carbon layers. The materials used in making these are imparting precision and power to the players. The blade also has 2mm Nitrix rubber.


When we are comparing the two paddles then comfort is also an important criterion. The bat has an ergonomic handle and the wooden tape is effective in absorbing the vibrations. It also minimizes the shock that the users might feel when serving or receiving.


In case you are an aggressive player then this racket will help to improve the intensity of your games.


The price of this paddle is more as compared to the Jet 600.


The weight of this paddle is 190 grams. This is heavy as compared to the other one. The users need to have strength in order to easily use it and the added weight is a lot better because it adds power to the shot.


The racket has a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer.

Memory Book:

This is a bonus with the racket and this will help you enjoy the memorable experience and will also help in getting better scores. It also doubles the case for a paddle and if you keep it out of dirt and dust then you can protect the wearer.

Killerspin Jet 600 review

Performance rating:

In case you are looking for the best racket for a spin and the speed then this is the best option for you that you should definitely include in our list. The performance ratings give to it are 9 for a spin, 8.5 for control, and 8 for speed.


The blade of this paddle is made of plywood and is 5 ply which is less as compared to the other one.

The paddle does not have dual carbon technology and it comes along with 2 mm Nitrix rubber.

This is high tension rubber and provides the ball excellent grip. The rubber that is used in the blade absorbs shock and makes sure that there is not too much fatigue. The handle is designed in such a way that it can provide you grip and along with that it is also light in weight.


This ping pong paddle is specifically designed for a perfectly balanced game. It is better if you want to have more power in every shot.


It is seen that the paddle is cheap by few dollars and as compared to the Jet 800. It is cheap but it does not mean that it is inferior as compared to the others.


The weight of the paddle is 182 grams and it is slightly less as compared to the product discussed above and it also gives better control of the game.  This bat is suitable for even the less experienced players.


This is similar to the one discussed above and it also gives a 30-day warranty.

Memory book:

This ping pong paddle comes with the memory book and this is the same as that of the above pick.

Wrap up:

Regardless of the skills that the users have these paddles can give them the best experience they need for the play and we also see that the paddles are of high quality and they promisingly provide the speed spin and control.

These are well constructed and also ensure that the users get the best comfort level. Picking one is a difficult task but 800 is a better option.


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