Killerspin Jet 600 vs Stiga Supreme

As we know while playing table tennis we should have perfect sports gear that can help us to win the game and today we will talk about the table tennis rackets from the 2 top brands Killerspin jet 600 and Stiga Supreme.

Killerspin Jet 600 vs Stiga Supreme

Killerspin Jet 600:

If you want a racket for competitive table tennis and need an amazing and stable racket then Killerspin jet 600 is the one for you. This amazing competitive racket is ITTF approved and also have a high speed with good control. The Killerspin is a competition-grade table tennis racket that is generally made for intermediate to advanced level players. It is a high-quality table tennis racket with Nitrx-4Z rubber combined with the premium sponge that helps in providing outstanding speed and power and also the good spin control and characteristics.

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The pros of the Killerspin jet 600 table tennis racket are as follows:-

  • The rackets have great speed and power.
  • The control and spin are very good with Killerspin rackets.
  • It is a heavy racket for fast speed.
  • The combination of sponge and rubber is very good.
  • The Killerspin jet 600 is a very good table tennis racket for the competitions as it is approved by ITTF.
  • There is an ease in using it and also the sense of reliability due to its good racket formation and its stability.
  • These rackets have 5 layer construction for the paddle and the handle and the build quality is high and that makes the racket durable.
  • The flared handle of this racket provides a good and positive grip for various hand sizes and shapes.


The cons of the Killerspin jet 600 table tennis racket are as follows:-

  • First of all the Killerspin company is a newcomer in this market so it takes time to build trust.
  • The racket of killer spin is heavy as compared to others that may not appeal to players who rely on finesse.
  • The pricing of the Killerspin jet 600 is quite high than the other competitors in the market.

Stiga Supreme:

Stiga supreme rackets is an extremely lightweight racket that is generally used for beginners who are trying to learn the strokes. The Stiga supreme will not provide you with high speed or lots of spins. It is not made for the advanced level players and also not for the intermediate level of players, it is just for beginners or amateurs as it provides us with great control.

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The players who have just started the game and are enjoying it will prefer this table tennis racket as it is a lightweight racket with good control.


The pros of the stigma supreme table tennis racket are as follows:-

  • They are light in weight so it is easy to play with them.
  • The rackets have good control and that is why beginners can use it easily.
  • The racket is best used for blocking and returning the ball on the table which means it is good for the defensive style.
  • The racket is perfect for developing the techniques and for practising for longer hours without getting tired.
  • The quality of Stiga supreme rackets is very good and the brand is also trustworthy.


The cons of the stigma supreme table tennis racket are as follows:-

  • The racket does not offer much spin in the game.
  • These rackets are not good for high speeds only preferred for low-speed games.
  • Not appropriate for advanced and intermediate level players.
  • The spin developed is enough for only serving a purpose.

Killerspin Jet 600 and Stiga Supreme Comparison:

Now as we have discussed both the racket brands and each brand has its own speciality. The comparison between the 2 rackets are as follows:-

  • The Killerspin Jet 600 is for intermediate to the advanced level player while the Stigma Supreme is for the beginners.
  • The Killerspin Jet 600 has high speed and high spin while the Stiga Supreme is the opposite of this.
  • The Killerspin is a newcomer and does not have many names in the market when compared to Stiga which is there from ages.

Now you can choose from both of the rackets which one you want according to your need as both the rackets are of high quality and the material used for both the rackets is also of good quality and both are special in their own ways.


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