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Killerspin Jet 700 Table Tennis Paddle Review

Table Tennis is easily one of the most popular indoor games among the youth and the old alike - from homes to colleges to schools, they are a common inclusion in the games category. And if you are one of those serious players who want to love the game and perform well in it, then you must consider your choice of the table tennis paddle too!

The Killerspin Jet 700 table tennis paddle is one of the best in the market and they provide a great quality product that makes for a good experience.

The Killerspin Jet 700 paddle comes with 2.0mm Nitrx-4Z rubbers along with a faster 7-ply wood blade.  Its head dimension is of 6 x 6 1/8 inches. 

The style of the ping pong ball player is important in choosing the right paddle and with Killerspin Jet 700, it becomes easier as it is suited for all styles, whether offensive or defensive.

This American table tennis brand focuses on great quality materials and the smoother finish actually adds to the pros of the product.

Killerspin Jet 700 Table Tennis Paddle In depth Review


  • It is suited for all type of players - from beginners to aggressive players and is smooth to touch and wield. The design of the product also has a premium look.
  • The design of the paddle is made in such a way so as to make it focus the energy of the paddle to the ball and make the maximum impact and add to the paddle power.
  • The paddle’s rubber face is black at one side and red at the other side which is ITTF approved.
  • In the Killerspin Jet 700, the padding between the rubber surfaces of the paddle and the blade provides a better experience and is durable as well. This is definitely a plus point for a table tennis paddle.
  • With a good power value, the Killerspin Jet 700’s hard blade makes sure that the paddle absorbs less of the force and delivers a more powerful return of the ball during gameplay.
  • The rubber face of the product provides a good grip on the ball and allows for better control of the shots delivered. For advanced players, this is a great feature and can be used intelligently for ensuring better success in the games.
  • The Killerspin Jet product also comes with a good spin quotient meaning that it provides an added advantage during playing as it makes it difficult for the opponent to return the shots.
  • It is a club-level competitive paddle and is great for those trying to refine their gaming abilities.


  • It weighs around 195g which is not too much but might be a problem for some players. It will take a bit of time to get used to it and refine the gameplay.
  • The price of the Killerspin Jet 700 paddle is best at but bit though than other products. Though most reviews claim that it is worth the price, it must be noted that there are other good paddles on the market with lower price tags too.

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  • The handle construction is great but it might take a bit of time to get accustomed to it. Do let us know about your feedback and experience if any in the comment section below. 

    What we like about it: 

    The Killerspin Jet series products can be chosen based on the player’s level -  the Killerspin Jet 600 and below are good for serious playing at an intermediate level, the Jet 700 is suited for taking the skills to an advanced level. The Jet 800 is suited for tournament-level gameplay.

    As final words, we can say that the Killerspin Jet 700 is definitely a good choice for you if you are looking for a premium finish and an advanced level gameplay, even though the price is pretty high.

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