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Killerspin JET800 Paddle Review | Specifications & Pros/Cons

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The JET 800 is the ultimate pre-installed racket designed for real competitors. This 7-layer racquet features wooden side tape and consists of 5 wood and 2 carbon layers, providing the perfect combination of speed and rotation, allowing players to actively play while maintaining game control. With the only JET series racket with carbon, the JET 800 uses your Olympic athletes to match the Olympics player Chen Ching and US national champion Ilya Luoplek, who has the same similarity to Killerspin's top athletes.

Most of today's sophisticated Pledge and Suites are included with at least two pads. This standard pared is very small with the improvement or improvement of your game. Usually made of cheap and inexpensive materials, you may find that after a week of regular play, the felt will wear from the side and the wood will eventually be damaged by frequent use.




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Killerspin JET800

Ultimate Professional Ping Pong Paddle with Carbon Layers

Killerspin JET800 Buying guide:

If you want to play like a professional player in your comfortable home or at a table tennis center in your area, you need a better racket, such as the Killerspin JET800. Multi-layer wood and ergonomic design take your game to the next level. The Killerspin JET800 racket is aimed at club level competitors. It actually has a lot of good reviews on Amazon - so it must be a pretty good paddle. You can also check Killerspin JET400 review.

JET800 for Trainer Blanket is very expensive. All Killerspin products are available with premium prices. However, I think you can earn more money. For this price, you can easily create your own custom racket with a table tennis expert like!

Killerspin JET800 Specs


The Killerspin JET800 is made of seven different layers of wood with wooden blades. It also comes with two layers of carbon to give you more power when you send it back. You may find that you can also get more rotation from this paddle.

Lightweight design

Although the weight of other table tennis bats is so heavy that your hands feel tired at the end of the game, the racquet is designed to be lighter. This is a game that you can hold for a few hours and use it without getting tired and without any pain or embarrassment.

More control

This table tennis bat has a unique design that fits comfortably on your right or left hand, giving you more control than ever before. The tape added to the side is similar to the real wood inside, and it also better grips the paddle.

Approved by a professional and approved by a professional

Killerspin JET800 is one of the only table tennis picks approved and authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation. It meets all the standards and regulations of professional games.

Killerspin JET800 Paddle  Pros/Cons


  • As one of the highest rated and highest rated options, there are many benefits to the Killerspin JET800 paddle. It has a unique structure, including seven layers of wood that are specially selected by the manufacturer for performance. You will notice that your ball has more power, and you will have more weight behind the swing with this racquet.
  • The outside of the racket also includes rubber, which can withstand more frequent matches than felt. This rubber can help you get enough rotation on the ball and add more pressure to keep the ball on the limit and on the table.
  • You can also find ergonomic handles. Killerspin has designed this handle to hold it comfortably in the palm of your hand. Even after a few hours of competition, you may feel confident enough and have enough confidence to play several rounds. With the addition of a double carbon layer to the wood, players can gain more power from this model.


  • For those who want more control than power, it’s better
  • For amateurs, this is an expensive side

Final Verdict

Final ruling

It is difficult to find many flaws using the Killerspin JET800 table tennis bat. Between the double carbon and wood layers, it helps you control your swing and gain more power every time you swing. Thanks to the approval of the ITTF, this is the perfect racket for use in home and professional competitions.

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