Killerspin JetSet 4 Review: Quality with Affordability

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Did you see Jan-Ove Waldner performed and was inspired by his moves on the field? Or is there another person who inspired you to try table tennis? No matter what the reason is, your heart pushes you to try table tennis, but you are too scared to spend money on your new hobby. If the sentences now describe your feelings, don’t worry, because Killerspin JetSet 4 is here to rescue you from table tennis dilemma. In this article, we will do the Killerspin JetSet 4 review to see whether its affordable price is worth the quality or not.

Killerspin JetSet 4 Review

JetSet 4 is a set of paddles and table tennis balls by Killerspin. For $69.99, you will get a set of 4 paddles along with 3 orange balls and white balls. The paddles are actually Killerspin’s Jet 200 paddle bundled in 4.

Its quantity is perfect for those who are planning to play table tennis with their family members or coworkers (after-hour activities).

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If you’ve bought Jet 200, you’ll feel familiar with the paddles because they are Jet 200 paddles by Killerspin. There’s a contradiction, however, since the paddle’s sponge doesn’t have the same thickness as Jet 200’s. The paddles are made out of light 5-ply wood blade with a sponge layer of 1.5 mm, while Jet 200’s sponge thickness is 1.8mm.

  • Still, It’s the perfect layer for most players, since beginners are recommended to use paddles with a sponge layer between 1.5 to 1.8 mm. After all, the thickness of the sponge controls the ball’s speed.
  • However, it should be noted that the sponge is not approved by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), meaning that it cannot be used for tournaments. So, you can only use it for practice or casual plays in your office, house, or neighbourhood.

The handle is designed in such a way that it won’t slip easily from your hands. The paddle’s handle is straight bur has an end that’s wider than the top part. This forces the users to grip the paddle at the top of the handle to avoid discomfort.

Table Tennis Balls

The balls included in the sets are standard table tennis balls. They’re pretty firm and can handle hard techniques pretty well. There are six balls in total; three are in white, while the other three are in orange.

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Killerspin JetSet 4 has several good points that should not be ignored. They are:

  1. Good control for beginners

As it has been mentioned before, the sponge’s thickness does control the ball’s speed. The thicker the sponge it, the faster the ball will be. Since JetSet 4 set has paddles with 1.5 mm thickness, the shots won’t be too fast nor too slow for beginners. They are good handles that can help beginners to control the speed.

  1. Affordable

Jet 200 costs $30 for one paddle, so you’re saving at least $70 when you buy JetSet 4 by Killerspin. To make it even better, you’ll also get six table tennis balls along with the four paddles. Though the quality might not rival a set for professional players, it is a good set that won’t cost beginners lots of money.

  1. Protective case

With 69.99, you’ll also get a protective case for your paddles. There’s no need to spend extra money to protect your paddles!


Although Killerspin’s JetSet 4 has several good points, it has several setbacks. They are:

  1. Not for advanced players

Although the sponge is great for beginners, advanced players will find it hard to get the speed they desire. Advanced players should get paddlers thicker than 1.8 mm.

  1. Decent handles

JetSet 4 has paddles with a comfortable grip, but its hold might not be long-lasting for some. The handles fall out quickly, so you’ll need to glue it together to use it again.

  1. Not ITTF-Approved

If you want to bring your own paddles for the tournament, Killerspin’s JetSet 4 is not for you because it is not allowed to be used on the court by ITTF. The paddles must stay at courts not related to the tournament.

Killerspin JetSet 4: Yes or No?

From its pros and cons, we can see that Killerspin JetSet 4 is best used for beginners. It has a reasonable speed control for newbies, and it won’t break your wallet. Where else can you get a good set for practice for a low price?


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