Killerspin Kido 7P Ping Pong Paddle Review

Killerspin Kido 7P Review
Written by Jenny

If you are a table tennis player then you might know that it needs good equipment and along with that the knowledge too. There are various ways by which a person can develop his ways for the game, but one of the most important ways is through the table tennis racket.

This racket that we are going to discuss in the content ahead.

Killerspin Kido 7P- Review:

  • 7 woodpiles
  • IITF approved
  • Thickness of the racket is 1.6 inches

Overview of the racket

The racket is designed for discerning players. The racket can be used with all the playing styles and is also suitable for advanced players. The racket is pre-assembled and provides convenience. It is of the highest standards and can be used for tournaments as well. You can even purchase it in straight and even flared style. Moreover, the difference in the rackets is a matter of preference and choice.

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Both the rackets have a 3-7/8 inches handle and the difference is in the handle style. There are three unique features of the handle and these are very well suited for advanced players.

There is a difference in the rackets and the weight too. The straight handle is 10.4 ounces while the other one is 11.2 ounces. This is a difference in the weight of the bats and it can impact the hand speed, the shot, execution of the game as well. Buyers need to see this while they are choosing a racket for themselves. The material used in designing this racket is also good.

Another factor that you will find is the price. The racket is not cheap and is created for serious players. You will find that the investment is worth the while when but if you are not an advanced player as well you can look at the cheaper options too.

But if you can afford this bat then go for it as it is the best one and you will find that it plays a very important role in your game. The purchase is excellent and most importantly for those who want the best quality to improve the game. The few things that the users need to look at is that:

  • The racket helps the players to get versatility and it does not matter which type of table tennis game they play as it will suitably go with all.
  • The racket helps get control over speed and the users can comfortably use this racket which is also very well known for its longevity.
  • The paddle weighs around 300 grams and so the users need to be prepared for it and should practice with it.

Game behavior

In the play, the racket is going to be very powerful and fast. The blade has a good spin and is soft to touch. The dwell time is also good.

If we consider the wooden blades then this one is straightforward and of the linear range. It helps to easily reciprocate the shots regardless of the ball.

This racket works quite well for the shot game and we also see that the vibration is also nice. It perfectly bounces the ball and blocks and pushes well.

  • During looping, it is fast and will help you to get the right spin for the game. The bat behaves like the seamless one and is of good quality.
  • The speed glue just provides the perfect glue sound and the glue will however disappear with time. Moreover, we see that the players should seal the blade even though it comes pre-sealed.
  • The surface of the blade might even show some sort of feathering. Sealing might help in eliminating this.


You can check the latest price on given amazon listing. The price might be expensive but it is worth investing in as it gives precision and the best quality for the crucial games.

Along with providing speed and control the paddle also helps to get longevity and resilience. The bat might not be a good buy for the casual player.

Reviews and scores

This bat has got a rating of 3.4/5. The customers rate it for being the spiniest paddle and it really grabs the ball well. The other most impressive thing is that it helps get commitment and quality since the brand is providing good customer service. The users are very impressed with the overall quality if the bat.


We think that after seeing the various features the bat is worth the purchase. But along with this bat, it is recommended that the users also invest in the cleaner and the racket case. The dust can collect on it easily and it also gives the best results when cleaned.



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