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Killerspin MyT Street Review

Killerspin MyT Street
Written by Jenny

This is the perfect table for playing table tennis inside and out. The table is quite durable and we see that it can easily withstand the various elements. The finish on the top of the table appears sharp and it looks great placed in the games room.

The table is 20mm by 50mm and is designed in order to achieve professional competition. The table has a support of 1 ½ inch steel legs and a locking casters of three inches. The table can be folded easily and thus you can store it anywhere and quickly.

Killerspin MyT Street- Features

Moreover, one more benefit of the table is that you can easily fold up one side of the table to the playback position and practice ping pong.

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  • Color of the top: It is black in color and the top is weatherproof.
  • Coating: The coating is of the repeat roller coating type.
  • Net post: It is included in the set.
  • Weight: The weight of the table is 154 lbs
  • The dimensions when folded are: Height is 64 inches, Length is 60 inches, and the width is 36 inches.
  • Frame: It is 20 by 50 mm and is made of heavy gauge material.
  • Frame wheels: 75 mm wheels.
  • Color options: Black and white.

Let us now have a look at the various features of the table that will help you know its usefulness.


The table has a safety locking feature and this allows the users to have a great placement. It also ensures that the table is safe to use by the families and the children.

The table has an attractive black color and this creates a specialized blend of finish and good quality play. The whiter frame of the table adds a sophisticated touch to the black surface and protects it from the various elements.


The table has a rugged and durable shell that can help the users to withstand vigorous outdoor play as well. The design is weatherproof and the tabletop is made of aluminum and plastic. The metal band that is around the table helps to guard the table. There is also a safety locking system that is very suitable for solo play as well as for storage purposes.

The table is a little expensive but the features that you will find are quite flashy and compensate for the price that it offers.

Easy installation:

One of the most important advantages of the table tennis table is that it can be easily installed. It just needs around 15 minutes to set up apart from the other models that take around hours to assemble.

As per research, we find that the weatherproof design of the table is great and it allows the users to use this table around the pool as well. Moreover, you need not worry about the assembly as it is quite easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Playable design:

The design of the table tennis table is such that it offers durability as well as style. Moreover, we see that the other tables are bulky and it is also impractical to use them.

Easy storage:

The table is easy to store and we also see that the table is quite suitable for the users as they can transport it easily by folding it.  There are some tables that are difficult to move but if we consider this table in that respect it is great. Also, it offers solo play.


  • Offers high durability
  • It is easily portable
  • Comers with net and post system
  • Is of high quality


We see that the table might have great durability but the price for which it is available; the bounce quality might be a little low. This does not mean that the users don’t get the smooth game that they want to play. This shows that the table is not up to the mark as per the IITF standards.

It is also seen that for the outdoor tables it is not possible to get both the waterproof capabilities and the perfect playing surface. Also, the users aren’t able to tell the difference between the cheap and expensive ping pong table.

Moreover, this table is an outdoor table and provides fun for a long time. The table is IITF approved and you can check out the reviews before purchasing it.


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