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Killerspin MyT5 Review

The Killerspin MyT5 table tennis table is a table that has high quality and is specially designed for recreational activities. The table tennis has a 15mm or 5/8’ medium density fiber top. This has been designed to provide 16 layers of coating. This coating provides the quality to play and makes the ball bounce. It also provides uniformity in play.

You can fold the table into two haves so that you can store it easily and move it from one place to another in less time. The table has a heavy gauge which is with a metal frame. There are 3 casters that provide smoother rolling. The table has been built with heavy gauge material of 1 inch. The legs are of 1-1/5 square and the table provides you a warranty of 1 year. Let us look at some of the specifications of the table tennis table.

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Killerspin MyT5 Review

  • It has only 8 nuts so the assembly is quite easy and will be done in a few minutes.
  • You can fold the table into the playback position if one wants to play individually, and you can store it conveniently.
  • There is a safe locking system that helps a person to store it comfortably. The table is steady and durable too.
  • There is a fibreboard of 15mm which is medium density fiber and it is coated with a specially designed material. The material used is a heavy gauge material with 3 casters that help you to roll the table easily.
  • There is a warranty of 1 year.
  • This table is great for beginners and who want to use it for recreational activities.
  • There is a safety locking system with which you are able to place our table securely.
  • The table has an MDF top and has 16 layers of coating that make the table bouncy and help in smoother play.
  • The gauge material is 1 inch and the metal legs are of 1-1/5 square inches.

This table is good for recreational activities and but we have found that there are much better tables in the market that are suitable for recreational activities.

The table is worth the price that is 400 dollars. While buying a table tennis table, you need to focus on the playing surface thickness. The tables that are available at cheap prices have a thickness of 5/8 inches whereas if you buy the table that is of higher range then the price increases by ¾ times. So the playing tables have a thickness of one more inch more.

As in the playing top has high quality and it has a bouncy layer that helps you to play well. But this is best for indoor tables only, this is because the outdoor tables are created in such a way that they can withstand in the outside atmosphere.

One of the best things about this table is that you can assemble it easily without much effort. A number of tables need 5-6 hours in the assembly process. But this table only needs 20 minutes for the assembly process.

Another important thing that you need to know about this table is that it is very attractive and along with its looks you can fold it into the playback position if a single player is there. The table is highly flexible as you can separate the table into two tables for your convenience and store it easily.

Now let us know about the table in a little more detail.

  1. The playing surface of this table tennis table is 5/8 inches and the legs are powder coated in order to protect it from rust. There are rubber levelers and the wheels which provide you with a great finish and the damage to your table is protected. This makes transport very easy. You can store it in a compact form and this makes the storage very easy.
  2. The table is available to you in six different colors. These colors are black, white and blue. The repeat roller that is present on the rolling surface gives you more durability. The glare is also less.
  • Tabletop

One of the drawbacks that you will find with the Killerspin table tennis table is that the tabletop is not up to the mark. The tabletop is 16mm thick which does not give you more bounce. The play is also slow as compared to the other table of the range. The bounce of the table might be consistent but it lacks bounce.

If you want a decent bounce then you need to buy the table that has thickness of about 19mm. this will give you a decent bounce in comparison to the other tables that are available to you in the same price range.

If you are finding a table tennis table that you can use for recreational activities and also for training then the Killerspin MyT5 table tennis table is great. But if you are hobbyist on playing with proper tables then the table with 16mm thickness might not be suitable for you.

  • Net

The Killerspin table tennis table brings to you a very convenient net. It would be very disappointing if you buy a good table and still play with a rubbish net. The net and post hold the table together very easily and firmly. The net and post hold the two tables from the center. The tension can be adjusted which is a very important aspect to be considered while buying a table tennis table.

  • Added extras

The Killerspin table tennis table has pockets on both the ends of the table. Each of the pockets can contain a bat along with 8 balls. This pocket will protect you from a lot of hassle and with this, you will be saving yourself from running here and there for the ball. When you store this table then these pocket give a lot of advantage to you for storing the balls and the bat.

  • Price

This might be a disadvantage to you since the table costs 699 dollars which is not exactly cheap. And the playing surface of the table is just 16mm. And if we talk about the table that is available under the price range of 1000 dollars which has more thick playing surfaces then this is not suitably the right choice for you.


  • The table has a smoother play.
  • The bounce is good.
  • Net is available with it which is of good quality.
  • The table can be stored easily.
  • You can fold it into the playback position.


  • The table is expensive.
  • The thickness is not sufficient.

Some of the reviews are:

  • The table is well built.
  • The black table suitably goes with the interior of your house.
  • You can fold it easily and set up is also easy.


If you want a table for the tournament then you should not go with this table. This is a good choice for the ones who want a table for recreational purposes.

If you want a table with a good thickness then this will not be as suitable but the table is convenient and durable.


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