MAPOL Ping Pong Balls Review

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MAPOL ping pong balls are generally used for training purpose and are of bright orange colour and usually come in a pack of 50 balls or 100 balls. They are very good for training your kids or for recreational purpose and can be used in clubs and stadium. As they are in bulk so there is no fear of losing one or two of them.

MAPOL Ping Pong Balls Review & Buyer Guide

This is a premium training ball which is built to last longer and has a little heavier falling as the weight is 2.7 to 2.85 gms and also the size is a bit larger than the regulation balls (40.1 to 40.25 mm), which makes it easier to hit the ball.

Mapol ping pong balls are good for controlling purpose too as they have a matte surface which makes it stickier and also the big size and heavyweight they don’t bounce much that makes the balls easier to hit and control as they won’t go at a fast pace.

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As the pack of 50 balls or 100 balls makes it a value pack, as the cost is also not too much and you can get so many ping pong balls. Which makes it perfect to buy and is worth the price.

The balls have 30-day assured guarantee which makes it more worth for buying purpose and also more reliable and trustworthy.

These balls have a detectable bright orange colour which can be easily seen by the eyes and one cannot miss hitting the ball.


The cons of Mapol ping pong balls are as follows:-

  • Mapol ping pong balls are a pack of 50 balls or 100 balls so once it is opened you have to put in some container due to the disadvantage of losing some balls if not kept properly.
  • These balls are not always round in shape as they are sometimes of irregular shapes and size due to the bulk numbers.
  • Mapol ping pong balls are generally used for training purpose or recreational purposes, but cannot be used at the professional level as their sizes and shapes are not according to the regulatory norms or specifications of the balls.
  • The quality is also not too good as it is not the 3star rating ball which is the best quality rating for the ping pong balls.
  • The balls are not durable or long-lasting due to its not too good quality.


Mapol balls are preferred nowadays mostly by players due to its affordable price, it’s moderate to decent performance mainly for training purpose. As Mapol is a trusted brand too so it makes the balls more reliable and trustworthy among its buyers.

Though it has few drawbacks its price compensate this and its availability in bulk makes it more lovable among the buyers, so if you want the ping pong balls Mapol ping pong balls are the best one and as they are easy to control due to its dimensions and colour and are loved by beginners too.

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