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McClure Shuffleboard Table Reviews

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If you have thought of adding gaming tables to your home but not traditional like air hockey but a bit unconventional like a home shuffleboard table. Then today’s review on McClure Shuffleboard Table Reviews as it is a fun game that can be played by all ages. No matter you’re looking for a professional length or a smaller model to fit in a family game room, McClure has got every size of shuffleboard for home or business. As all of the shuffleboard tables are carefully crafted by hand, assembled, finished, and inspected by master craftsmen of McClure’s team. All the models come in a finish which will add a bit of elegance in your room, and of course, it is a pretty hard bar room game to miss.

Mostly, Shuffleboard table playing boards come shorter than the cabinet. Usually, cabinets are 14 feet and up ship in two pieces and playing board’s sizes ship in one piece.  Shuffleboard tables can be a great addition to any game room that will last for decades. If you’re new to the game then, you don’t have to worry; it will hardly take a few minutes to learn. There are many other budget table tennis which are among best table.

Also, you will get endless hours of fun with it; you have to slide by hand and all of your pucks against the opponent. The main goal is that you have to get the pucks for reaching the highest scoring area without falling until the end of the playfield. McClure Shuffleboard Table is made of wood and one of the best feature solid North American maple or white maple.

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McClure Shuffleboard Table Reviews

As it is an expensive product, so If you don’t mind breaking your saving for your house, McClure Shuffleboard Table will make a great addition to your home. Moreover, let’s see in detail about the McClure Shuffleboard Table.

McClure shuffleboard tables are made in America in the Michigan factory. The tables are all custom made and will make your game room a better place. This one can be quickly assembled and leveled so you can start playing on the very day it arrives your home. The craftsmanship is of high level. The manufacturers repair the damages if you find them on the delivered product. The delivery is well timed and communication is done to ensure the location and timing.  The table has a great playing surface and the brand can take pride on such a nicely made product.

Pros & Cons

  • Great finish
  • Nice architecture
  • Strong built
  • Quick set up

  • High price

Size of McClure Shuffleboard Table

McClure Shuffleboard Table takes a huge amount of space, so decide and take time. The width of shuffleboards range from 16 and 20 inches, and the length is 8 to 22 feet.

  • If you’re scraping by then, you can go for 12 and 16 feet long Shuffleboard Table with 16 inches wide.
  • Regulation-sized shuffleboards are 20 inches in width and 22 feet long.
  • Materials and Surface Finish of McClure Shuffleboard Table
  • McClure Shuffleboard Table is made up of wood pieces that are split into vertical running layers. A solid and toucher wood will minimize the accidental damage from dents, dings, and scratches.
  • It is finished with a clear, shiny polymer coating and a shiny plastic laminate which make it more durable.
  • The higher quality McClure Shuffleboard Table is made up of American polymer resin that will have a lifetime guarantee on the polymer.

The Drawback of McClure Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table that is less than 3 inches thick will be wary and easily crack/chip under regular pressure.

  • Lower qualities McClure Shuffleboard Table need to be refinished frequently to maintain smoothness, slickness, and evenness.
  • It cannot be kept in moist and humid climates as the moisture in the air can get into the pores of the McClure Shuffleboard wood.
  •  McClure Shuffleboard Table can get damage in high-intensity games.
  • Also, McClure Shuffleboard Table surface is likely to peel, scratch, chip, crack, and dent.

Design of McClure Shuffleboard Table

McClure Shuffleboard Table is slightly curved downwards that helps to reduce the puck sliding off the sides of the boards. Depending on the climate you have to invest in the higher quality McClure Shuffleboard Table.

The company prioritizes the need of the customers and so you can get the personalized McClure shuffleboard table at your residence or workplace or anywhere you chose. These are not very pocket friendly but the uniqueness and great aesthetics are worth the price. The tables are rather efficient with the sturdy legs and solid built. The polished wooden look makes it a glamorous piece of furniture and it is a must buy before the next Christmas.

The size is just perfect and it will be able to accommodate comfortable playing. The purchase includes the wax and pucks, which are needed for immediate start of a game. Ordering process for McClure shuffleboard table is too easy. The company people arrange the table for you so you just get the table ready at your place.

  • Solid hardwood in the outer cabinet of the shuffleboard table can hold the table and ensures the table has enough weight to stay in place.
  • Professional McClure Shuffleboard Table comes with hardwood in the outer cabinet which will give extra support for playing intense games.
  • McClure Shuffleboard Table has two kinds of scoring grids that is a 3-level grid with a 1-2-3 scoring system and the triangular scoring grid for outdoor shuffleboard tables.

Review Final Verdict

McClure Shuffleboard Table will make your home look great so to find the best remember specific features to consider, and questions to ask yourself. Also, not every McClure Shuffleboard comes with climatic adjusters as the adjuster allows maintaining the shape of the surface, and the quality of the shuffleboard and ensuring optimal speed and game accuracy.

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