Newgy Robo-pong 2050 Review

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You can play tennis as a sport and also to interact with your family and friends and for entertainment. You are able to burn many calories too when you play this sport. But if you loose constantly you might not feel good.

Your skills and experience can help you to play better and if you don’t win once your journey will encourage and would no longer wish to play.

If you take the help of a robot you might get more points and you may have a better practice if playing.


Newgy Robo-pong 2050 Review

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There are some of the things you need to look before you buy it. These are:

Easy installation

This is easy to use and the set up is also quite easy. It does not take much time. You can fit any of the ping pong tables. You are able to attach it to any side of the table in very less time and play easily after you are done with it.

Multiple spins

This is created for the professionals and also for those who want to play better and improve there playing skills.

It has a number is options for spin. The robot can be programmed with different spins. The spins may be the top spin or the backspin, the side spin or also the combination of spins

Shots selection

If you don’t feel afraid when a ball is coming in your way then you are free to choose the next shot. There are six shots. These are serve, chop, lob, and the push.


It has a net attached that helps you to recycle. If you are getting balls, the balls will strike the net and will return to the robot.


Since the robots are expensive you need to look at the pros and cons as they are necessary for you to know.

  • Remote: There us a remote. This remote can be used by anyone. The screen will be showing he option that you can choose from and also the arrows. You also have the option of using the buttons.
  • Play alone: if you wish to play alone or by yourself then you can take this robot to the back of the table. If will help you to play with both height and location in correct position.
  • Chasing: you are free to practice without the robot but you don’t need to chase every ball. This has a net along so the ball will return back.


  • The balls that are hit very high or wide won’t be catched.
  • It has a remote but not good.


The newgy is a table tennis robots specialist. The manufacturer is from the US. There are a number of models but the model 2050+ is the most advanced model till now. The following are the features of this product.

  • The ball speed has high precision. The placement and frequency are also great.
  • The randomisation give the robot more betterment.
  • The different levels have different drills which are 64 in number and are pre-programmed.
  • There is optional advantages too. You can share, exchange ABC also create the drills with friends. You need to connect your pc for it.
  • There is a recycling system. This system will help you to recycle the balls.
  • There are a number is spins which are available. These are: topspin, backspin, combination spin or the right side spin.
  • There is short selection too. You need to select from chop, serve, push, counter, fast loop and lob.
  • There are adjustments for head angle too. These are from low to high..
  • These are ping pong tables and also the conversion tables. These are very easy to transport and also to set up.
  • They come up with a warranty of one year and include a money back within 30 days.

Digital robot for table tennis

This is excellent hardware. The net is already attached and a remote control is also provided. You can get another balls too. But you will get most of the things you would want inside it already.

You can set it up only in about 10 minutes and you can also gold it into a compact one that is only about 20 pounds. So you are able to carry it easily.

This is a fast one even for the advanced and the professionals. This is because it shots about 120 balls per minute and this is very fast. There is a single head and this single head will make a number of spins. The drills will be adjusted by itself.

There is remote control which helps you to switch the modes easily. There is normal mode and you are able to receive balls randomly of manually.

  • You are also able to vary the speed of the ball and spin. They both are related to each other. You are also able to change the waiting time and throw the balls whenever you wish.
  • You have three ways to choose from. If you will be selecting of choosing the same position for two times then the ball will be shot in one spot only. But if you are selecting different positions then the ball will be shot somewhere in between. And also sometimes the random oscillation is started which will shot the balls.
  • There is a drill mode too. This will help you to be trained from 64 designed drills. There are beginner drills and the expert drills too. You need to select from these. But you can for sure adjust between these.

The most coolest thing is that there are 33 drills which are pre-set. You can change these as per choice. The remote will be connected to the computer and you are able to shot and spin. You are also having the option of sharing these drills.

This has the best system if nets too. There is one which is loose and prevent the ball.


Although we know that it is a good product there are some weaknesses too. Since the product has only on head the spin and the speed will be connected to each other. So due to this reason you are not able to practice the short backspin. And you only have the option of the fast backspin. These are not so favourable.

In other robots which are expensive you are not able to vary the spin type. This will be limiting your exercises. The other robots might have for example three heads. These heads will help you to shot in any of the place at anytime and in any order.

Some of the users have also mentioned that the oscillator sticks sometimes due to which the machine will send the ball in one direction. But due to good customer support it can be solved. Some other problems might be that you may need to alert the controls or use an adaptor.


The robot might not be perfect. It has certain drawbacks if we compare it to some of the other robots. But along with it the cost of this model is also very less as compared to others.

If you use it with a partner or a coach then you might be able to use it better and with more convenience.


The normal mode will give you a perfect stroke whereas the drill mode will help you in improving the tactics.

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