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Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Review

Playing table tennis with perfection is your dream, but you do not go to any training institute to practice the game. The reason may be a shortage of time or a busy schedule, but do not lose heart. Technology has come up with modern innovations to initiate the practice session at home.

The Paddle Pro H2W Touch Pro is a robot that acts like your opponent and makes you play your best game by practicing with it.  This high-end table tennis robot has changed the concept of table tennis practicing and thus it has become famous too.

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Features

This one is expensive but if you count its features, then it will feel a great buy. Here are the specifications of this item:

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  • It comes with two throw wheels that are able to throw the ball in 22 different spots on the table. If you would have played with a human opponent, then you could not have expected any more variety of ball throwing. This method trains you to tackle the throw from different angles and sides.
  • There is an LCD touch screen attached to this robot which allows it to navigate easily. Also, this screen enables the robot to take multiple play decisions.
  • There are options for choosing from different shooting patterns and different routines. There are varying spin modes with different speeds and directions.
  • There is also an easy ball recycling center in this robot. The net is there to capture the ball and it is funneled back into the robot. So you can train for as long as you can as there will be no shortage of balls at any moment.
  • The extra facility that the robot offers is decision-making skills. This allows the robot to set where the ball should land.
  • There are thirty built-in sequences fed in the system of this robot. So varying types of skill shots can be learned in one sequence. There are provisions to set the robot for a top shot, low and high shots, hard or soft shots and so on.
  • There will be a variety of spins as well, like top spins, under spins, side spins, and no spins. If you get a cheaper robot for playing table tennis you will not find the last option of no spin there.
  • There is a spin indicator panel which relays the spin before every shot so you get optimum practice.
  • A net collection comes along with this package. Not only that, 120 Nittaku training balls and a 1-year warranty also can get with this package.

Let’s probe into the features in detail.

Why it is so special:

  • This one looks like analog and industrial type gadget. But that is the appearance only, and as they say, do not judge a book by its cover, you will get to know more about it once you start using it. This is one of the most advanced robots out there which come with a touch screen remote and ball shooting program can be fixed at 22 different positions.
  • The setup is very easy and practical. Just attach the net with the table and you are good to go. This one is a standing type robot and so it does not need to be attached to the table. There are wheels so you can move it to the desired direction. Also, the height can be changed accordingly.
  • There are 30 preset drills. So the robot is basically workable for the beginners to the pro equally. You can program the robot at per your own sequence. The spins can be programmed in any random order. Like, a short backspin can be succeeded by a fast topspin and then a backhand flat ball can come. This way this robot will make you a master of strokes in table tennis.
  • You may need the help of a professional human coach to know which sequences and strokes are necessary or the pattern of spins and strokes. Then you can input those strokes into the program of the robot and practice them carefully and extensively to learn the game from the core.
  • The ball recycling system is pretty useful. You will never run out of your ball and play till you learn the skill or get extremely tired. These facilities are not available with a human partner for sure.
  • The touch screen remote control is nicely designed and a wireless one. The drill can be preset or change with it. You can decide if you will play the same type of shots or will try some different shots for a long time.
  • The spin indicator is a novel addition to this robot. While playing table tennis, one must learn how to read the spin and retract adequately. This humanlike feature is imbibed into this robot so you get to learn the skill. Just before the ball is shot the indicator will inform you which type of spin it will have. So gradually you will be able to learn the type of spins from the coming ball.


  • This one is a bit too pricey. It is not affordable for all, which keeps its market limited to the richer section of people.
  • Transportation is not easy for this standing robot. You either have to own a table for table tennis or you must play at a club. But carrying this one everywhere is not a very probable idea.


With the specifications and quality, this is a high graded robot for table tennis playing. The features are outstanding and also there are so many programs to be set.  It can beat its competitors with these features and definitely if you are a serious table tennis player or wish to be a professional, it must be with you.

For beginners, however, it will not be very useful. It is better to learn the game first, before practicing it with this robot. So you can get it if your budget permits and your gaming skill will be improved for sure.


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