Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot Review

You are an enthusiastic table tennis player and do not have the time to practice the game by going to the club? Or are you tired of playing solo as there is no club in your vicinity? You have the best player to play with, who will help you to brush your skills and will motivate you to play better every day.

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro

The Paddle Palace H2W touch pro table tennis robot is a high-end gadget to facilitate the table tennis playing at home. Why you need this best ping pong robot at home? Let us probe the cause.

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Why you need it?

The game gets perfect with repetitive playing. You will only be more and more perfect when you will practice more and more. You can be a novice who has just got interested in this game or a pro who wants to play a better game than yesterday. The practising gets better with the help of this robot. This H2W touch pro robot came to sort the demand.

The Brand

In the world of table tennis, the name Paddle Palace has earned its reputation. The company is based in Portland at Oregon State.  The manufacturers are pretty knowledgeable regarding professional table tennis game. So you can trust this brand for the execution of professional-level techniques and features in the robot. Till now they have manufactured four different robots, though these are different in price and functionality. So there are varieties in their robots which may serve your purpose of practising the game, as you can select the robot which will be suitable for your gaming skill and practice level.

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Features:

  • The robot comes with a digital touch screen. This is just a superb feature to practice the game flexibly. It does not lack the fun part of game practicing and thus you are assured of getting the full enjoyment of table tennis game. The touch screen offers you the best workout. You have to clip the touchscreen to the player side, and then you can control the robot conveniently. There is a control box in the screen which makes it a unique robot. Speed, spin and amount of balls, everything can be controlled by this touchscreen LED.
  • The ball counter of the robot can send up to 999 balls to you.
  • The H2W table tennis has a single head. There are two throw wheels motors which create the speed working individually. The ball and the spins are created by the digital touch control powered by this force.
  • The range of spins available in this robot can be delivered easily with the help of preset programs. The usual shots like heavy topspin, sidespin and backspin are there to help the player. Also, the spins can be combined to get a more detailed practicing experience.
  • After you are used to with the set programmes, you can start programming on your own. The robot can be managed to shot the ball from different points. Then the game will look and feel like a real game played between two human competitors.
  • Using the customisation feature, you can create your own sequence. The touch screen will help you in this regard. The custom feature that you will create will be stored in the memory function. Up to 9 different sequences can be saved in the memory. Not only that, but these sequences can also be changed for 30 sequences which are saved on the touch screen console. The touch screen has built-in 30 preset sequences.
  • The memory of the robot will upload up to 9 sequences. Also, it has the ability to save the sequences into a pattern after you reboot this robot. A library of sequences will be stored in the memory which will make you a better player.
  • You can use the “sequence in random” mode. This way the robot can play the sequences randomly and after one round of the game, the sequences will be resorted in a different combination. With this random selection method, you will be able to learn 60,000 different shots to serve.
  • There is a spin indicator panel set at below the shooting head, which shows you the spin of each ball before it is shot. The spin is mentioned there beforehand so you can think of the way to hit the ball by anticipating the spin.
  • The ball catch net and recycling system is another feature which makes this robot stand out. The net catcher for the ball collection helps to gather the balls and it also feeds the balls back into the robot. Continuous play is not disturbed and the concentration is not diverted in between a game.
  • This H2W robot is a versatile product. It is even better than the dual-head versions as it is a more sophisticated machine. There are 22 different ball landing posts on the table which makes the robot play as much as possible real human-like.
  • It comes packed in a box, and in a pre-configured state. This ready to use set up is a time saver and you do not have to waste much time and energy on setting it up.
  • The brand Paddle Palace is sure about their product quality and that is another assurance for you. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee while purchasing this product. Also, one year warranty on this product on defective manufacturing and material will serve you with the value for your money. The brand believes in the longevity of this product.


  • Touchscreen LED
  • Robot frame
  • Power supply
  • Net collection and ball recycling
  • Versatile and user friendly
  • 30 built-in sequences
  • 22 landing spots
  • Up to 110 mph speed of ball
  • Spin indicator panel


  • Single shooting head


The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot is a popular product which will offer you the game practicing facility at home only. Also, the community centres can obtain this robot so the residents of the apartments can enjoy the game practice on summer afternoons or winter mornings.


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