Palio Expert 2 Review

Palio Expert 2 Review
Written by Jenny

The Palio expert is also an example of the Chinese table tennis brand. It is very popular among beginners and there are a number of positive reviews regarding it seen on the internet. The price of this table tennis table bat is affordable and it has high control rating as well.

In this article, you will get to know all the important details regarding the table tennis bat.

Palio Expert 2- Specifications:

  • The speed rating is 6.0, the spin rating is 9.0 and the control rating is 10.0.
  • The blade is made of all wood.
  • The rubbers that are Palio are present o both sides.
  • The grip is flared
  • The item is approved by IITF and can be used in official tournaments.
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Features of the Palio Expert 2

The control rating is high and it is very suitable for beginners. When you are new at table tennis then you need to choose a paddle that has got high control rating.

More the control rating it will be easier for you to place the ball on the table and also control it. This helps you to easily work on your basic skills before you upgrade your spin and speed.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat Review

Despite the misleading name we also see that the Palio expert has got a control rating of 10 which makes it one of the best options for you and we highly recommend it. It helps the users to develop a good command of the shots and also improve the speed and spin once they are ready with it.

Palio CJ8000 tacky rubber

It can generate the good speed and spin that you need in quality rubber. The rubbers that are used provide the balance that you need. These are not much when you are starting out. There is some tacky rubber as well; this means that the ball hits it slightly whenever you hit the ball. This further helps in generating the top spin, side spin, and backspin.

There is a soft sponge as well which helps you to get control over the ball and helps it to slow down. The sponge has a good thickness and it is around 2mm and is surely not going to speed up the ball too much.

These rubbers are approved by IITF and therefore you can play with the racket. But once you are developed with the skill then you won’t find the bat too useful for yourself and you need t paddle in order to generate more amount of power.

Grip and handle

The racket is in the type of shake hand style as if you are going to shake hands. The handle is flared and will help the racket not to slip out of your hands.

Blade and speed

Depending on the skill you have this bat might be a little slow for you. The speed rating of the bat is 6 and this is very low for the intermediate player. So, this bat is recommended for beginners only. If you become ready for something that has more speed then you won’t find this bat truly suitable.

Has a case

It is important that you keep the rubbers away from dust and dirt and also protect them from wearing out. For this, we recommend you buy a case so that you can keep your bat in it safely.

The manufacturer:

The product is manufactured by the Palio Expert brands. There are two other bats by this company are Legend 2 and the Master 2 bats. After going through the reviews you will find that these bats are very suitable and the customers also like these.


  • The control rating is high which means it is perfect for beginners and those who are still learning.
  • This table is approved by the IITF and it means that you can easily use it for the official tournaments.
  • There is a case included with it which means that it protects the rubbers from dirt and dust.
  • The reviews on Amazon are good
  • The product is highly affordable and cheaper as compared to the different models


  • You might find it a little heavy when you just start playing with it.
  • The speed rating is low and in case you are an intermediate player then you should go for another bat
  • The rubbers might peel off soon. Some customer has reported the peels.


If you are finding a table tennis bat that is suitable for beginners then it is surely the best pick for you. It is designed in such a way that it meets the needs of the player who has just started playing. The reviews are great on Amazon as well and are a recommended product.

But we would not recommend this bat for the intermediate players or the advanced ones. This is because it has got a good speed rating and spin rating as well. The paddles designed keeping in mind the beginners and using this user won’t be able to generate the spin.


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