Palio Legend 2 Review

The Palio Legend TT racket was originally launched in 2013 and immediately it became very popular. It was received by the users with great positive reviews and welcome. The one we are discussing now is the updated version of the same one, and people are expecting even more from it.

Palio Legend 2 Review

This is one of the favorite paddles for the players. The bat is IITF approved and is premade of 5 ply. It is great for the professionals as it comes with the strength to hit the attacking players of the opponent. It comes with incredible speed and spin.

This is one of the most expensive tables tennis rackets, but due to the spin and speed it delivers, the price seems justified. Its performance can be matched with the professional level rackets which cost $100 or more, so that way you are getting a good deal with this racket.

The Palio Legend 2 is great in power and best suited when you hold it in the right hand. For a beginner, however, it may not be the best racket though.  Let us probe into the features of this great TT racket.


The speed is 10 on 10 for this racket. It can be safely called the fastest rackets with 5 layers of heavier ply. The blade of this paddle weighs a bit more than its competitors and that is reflected in its punch. This is a fast table tennis racket and if you are not a master of solid basic strokes then you will not be able to use it comfortably. This is a fast racket with loops, and that is the extra kick that makes Palio Legend 2 more significant

Rubber layer:

The paddle comes with Palio Hadou rubber layers on both sides of the blade. This is a high-quality Chinese rubber which is IITF approved. The layer of rubber ensures that the ball does not lose much of its speed when it is hit with the paddle. The rubber also makes the paddle a bit tackier so it generates a lot of spins. This style is originated from the Chinese version of TT.

The tackiness of the paddle makes it comparable with the DHS Hurricane. The way it brushes the ball is better than making full contact with the ball, which in turn, results in slowing the speed of the ball.

Low control:

This Palio Legend 2 does have less control and more spin with speed.  As it is on the heavier side, the chance of the ball being slipped out from the paddle is more.  This is definitely not a paddle for the beginners as the lack of control will result in suffering the game practice. You must increase the controlling of the ball with more and more practice and then you will be able to use this paddle effectively.

Flared grip in handle:

The most common type of grip for bats is flared grip. The width of the handle gets wider towards the end. This way the bat will have less chance of slipping it off from your hand. But who are more used of pen-hold grip will find it difficult to use.


The Palio Legend 2 racket comes around $49.95 in the US which means it is pretty much on the higher side. But if you think of the value for money, this is just the right choice. The features are unbeatable and you will not be able to find a bat of equal feature with a lower price.

Free case:

The free case that comes inclusive with this paddle makes sense when you need to keep the paddle in great shape and condition for years. As this is not a cheap item you must want it to last a few years at least. If you order this product from Amazon you get a free case that is included and provides you some help to safely keep this racket.

Customer feedback:

The reviews from amazon and other online portals prove that this Palio Legend 2 is really high-quality equipment for table tennis.  People buy it after long researches and they are pretty much satisfied with a paddle. As it is quite quick and provides great spin, it makes sense when you use it with great confidence. Also, the controlling part will evolve if you practice with beginner’s level paddle for some time. This is not merely a pretty looking racket that can be handled by anyone and everyone.

If you have developed a decent technique and better understanding of loop or serve well then you will be able to do justice on this Palio Legend 2 racket. it can help you to take the game in the next level with your proficiency and effort.


  • Reasonable price
  •  Paddle case
  •  IITF approved
  • Great speed and spin
  • Hadour rubber layering


  • Low control
  • Heavy
  • Conclusion:

Palio Legend 2 is a great paddle and most of the users have loved it for its efficiency and better playing features. It will work for you if you are a classified player, or else you can get used to with this and keep learning the different styles and controlling. The rubbers of the paddle can be changed, which ensures that you will be able to use this racket for a long time. The case is there to protect it from dust and weathering. So overall, this is a highly recommended paddle for serious table tennis players.


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