Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket Review

Palio Master 2 Review
Written by Jenny

Are you aware of one of the best bats that you can get for table tennis? Well, you can know about it through the content that is provided below.

It is the second bat that is pre-made by the Palio company and we also see that the Palio Master 2 Table Tennis is developed for the intermediate players who are willing to get an all-around bat for themselves.

Also, it aims to provide more speed and along with that spin too. The bat does not lose control and gives a promising play to the players. In the article ahead the users will know about the features as well as the cover of the bat and what is best about it.

Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket

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  • Ratings- control: 8, speed: 8, spin: 9
  • The blade is made of all wood
  • Rubber is 2 mm thick and is there on both the sides
  • The bat has a flared grip
  • The product is approved by IITF.


The product is great for intermediate players. Once the players begin to level their abilities they will be able to play with more speed and spin too.

The first time you start to bat around it should be slow and you should also have control over your rating without having to fly the bat. But once you improve your skills then you will find the basic bat to be not of any use and you would want a better one for your advanced play.

This expert bat is best for beginners and has a control rating of 10. This bat also has great speed and I best suited for intermediate players. Those who got a grip will also find the bat to be very useful and to control the ball even more successful.


Both sides of the bat have rubbers from the Palio. These are 2mm thick and will help you to generate a good amount of spin. These are approved by the IITF and you can easily use them for the official tournaments too. They are best in quality and will also provide the best play.

Flared handle

The handle of the racket is flared and we also see that the handle is a little wide towards the end. This helps it to easily fit in the hand. The handle is usually available in the pen hold style but many players also use the shake hand style.

Free paddle case

If you have ever gone through the ping pong paddle guide then you will know that the paddle case is very useful in protecting the rubbers on the bat. The accumulation of dust and moisture is also prevented through this. If you shop through Amazon then you get the paddle case along with it. This might not be the best but it is great.


This bat is among the pre-made bats and is in collaboration with the palio and the expert table. This is the first in the series and is designed for beginners. This bat is aimed at the intermediate players and provides speed and control. The other bats the company provides are also great in speed and will provide you better and much faster play.

The reviews of the bats are great and the users find it great and playing with them is also quite fun. This depends on the current ability of the player and what kind of bat he/she would prefer. If you are finding some other options then you can look out for other bats from the company.


  • The bat is an all-rounder and very popular. The ratings are balanced and the features are not compromised
  • Approved by the IITF. The rubbers are great and the bat is quite nice and will help you in getting a good amount of spin in the tournaments.
  • The bats are very affordable and reasonably priced as compared to the other bats from other competitors.
  • The paddles are included in the bat and it also comes with the case too.
  • The customer’s service is good and it provides great features.


  • Rubbers might peel off and the few customers have also mentioned that the rubber might come off after few weeks
  • When it hits the ball it generates a hollow sound. This sound is not liked by some customers.


So, as per our research and checking the reviews we find that the paddle is quite good and is trusted. The Masters 2 bat is balanced and will help the users in getting the power play that they like.

The speed is good but also provides the powerful play that is needed and is surely recommended for beginners. The speed might be very much for some players but overall it is great to control the ball. Try out this bat and check the reviews too before shopping.


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