7 Best Ping Pong Room Decor Ideas

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Ping pong is one of the best fun games that are for everyone. This game is fun and it takes up very little space. This is among one of the common games that are usually seen in the recreation rooms.

If you need some good ideas for decorating your ping pong room then this is the right place for you as there are loads of good ideas that you can use. We have focussed on 7 different ideas that can be used to decorate the pong room.

Let’s go ahead and know about the various ways that you can use to decorate the pong room easily and beautifully.

This can be one of the useful and the best ideas for decorating the pong room easily with ping pong paddles. Through this idea, you can experience fun and play your game in a beautiful décor. For those who likely play often this would be a perfect idea.

It will also be best if you have ping pong loving friends and family.

1. The décor of 60s

The time of the 60s was so alive and vibrant. In the room of the ping pong table, you can create turquoise walls. You can make use of yellow chairs and valence too. The room will attract lots of energy with these vibrant colors and will fuel up the player. The barstools will give a place to the players and they will sit comfortably.

They can easily wait for their turn sitting on these tables.

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2. Family

There can be a chalkboard wall in the room. This design will be the best for family and kids as it creates a recreational environment. AS the kids wait for playing the game, they can draw on the chalkboard wall. As there is chalk in the room the customers can themselves design the room again and again.

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3. Arcade lover

The ping pong game and the arcades have a good combination and then can be a lot of fun to the players. The people can have great fun with the game by adding a lot of colors and textures to it. They can even add bright circular projections to the wall. If you want to add more excitement to the room you can surely use the air hockey table.

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4. Contemporary

If the users add a little of the graffiti then they can transform the environment into a more edgy and youthful place. The users can use a bright red wall; this will go very well with the blue table. If you are using the recessed ceiling lights then surely the room is going to have a lot of light. Then the one thing you are left to add is the chairs.

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5. Paddles

While decorating the room everybody needs to remember the purpose of decorating it. This is very simple that is using a wooden accent wall would add more function and beauty to the room. The ping pong paddles can be easily snatched through the wall. The users can replace the bucket containing balls with the basket. They can add more rust to the wooden ball.

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6. Patriotic

This is not a patriotic game but still, the users can add patriotic elements to it like the flag on the wall. If the wall has neutral colors then the floor can also pop up the look. The blue color of the ping pong table and the red flag will go with it flawlessly. The white color walls will bring brightness into the area.

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7. Outdoors

The customers can go for adding two more ping pong tables, and a white will go flawlessly with the décor. The tables can be one of the sources of recreation and the beautiful backdrop of the lounger area would add the perfect amount of color to it.


Adding beautiful décor to the ping pong room can add more fun and beautiful elements to your ping pong room. Go choosing a unique style and colors and you will find it to be very beautiful.


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