Practice Partner 20 PingPong Robot Review

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The table tennis robot pf thus the company is brilliant and is very easy to use. It is suitable for players of all levels and everyone can try using it if they want good table tennis play.

This brand is found in the UK. The robots are available in great offers. This is because these are rebranded from China and are also known as Y and T 981.

The ones who are willing to purchase the robot should go through the details mentioned below in the article. This tabletop robot will help the customers get every spin. They can even place the ball alternately in the forehand or the backhand.

There is a remote control also available with the robot, this helps in controlling the speed as well as the frequency of the ball. This table tennis robot is suitable for both the home as well as the school. It is suitable for every player. It helps in producing different kinds of spin which include backspin, topspin as well as sidespin. It can take about 8 variations.

The feeding unit has alloy as well as resists rubber that helps in stabilizing the direction of the ball. The product has a box that is easy to control and can feed the ball easily. The robot needs to be placed on the table when it is in use.

Practice Partner 20 Review

This is a basic product and aims to provide the players with a simple technique. The table tennis robot is small and a little heavy. It is strong and not made through Plastic. This makes it a long-lasting as well as a durable product. Due to the sturdy nature of the product, it can produce a good amount of speed and also shoot the ball very well. It is better as compared to the other table tennis robots because it is not light in weight or flimsy in nature.

The rotating heads are easy to use and this will help the users to easily select between the different kinds of spin. The robot can easily deliver balls from different positions. There are a lot of table tennis robots that are fixed but this robot can be placed anywhere as per the choice of the users.


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The users can easily practice their plays using this product and the serves are quite good. The angle of the robot can also be changed. This means that the users can turn it downside and then shoot the ball. This feature is quite good and it helps to easily set the spin.

This table tennis robot works very well with both celluloid balls and plastic balls. A lot of players might be worried regarding the new balls and if they might work with it or not, for them it is important to know that it works easily.

The users can easily purchase the product online. It is available on a number of websites. Such as,, and The users will find that the product is around $250-350. This is one of the top-rated table tennis robots that a player can shop and use it to train themselves as well. The price is reasonable and is suitable for all kinds of customers, the features of the product are the latest and as desired by the players.


Let us look at some of the features and the details of the product:

  • Practice Partner 20 is easy to assemble and can be placed directly on the table.
  • The ball feeding unit has alloy as well as resistant rubber. This will help in stabilizing the direction of the ball.
  • The control box is simple to use and the players can easily understand the requirements.
  • It helps to produce the top spin, side spin and backspin. The serves are 2 and the returns are 1.
  • The settings of speed range from 1-9.
  • The frequency ranges from 1-9 and it produces balls about 25-80 in number within a minute.
  • The players can fix the number of balls they want and the locations as well.
  • Oscillation can also be set. This varies from the aspect if half or full table.
  • There is a pause button as well if the users want to take any break.
  • The trajectory can also be added to the serves.
  • There are 200 balls in the ball Hooper
  • The weight is not much and can be carried
  • Warranty us of 1 year


We see that the table tennis robot is of high quality and is very useful in playing. The users can purchase this and play like a pro.


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