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Prince Tournament 6800 Review

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Prince Tournament 6800 is an indoor table tennis table from AMP. The table makes the level of the game into the next higher level. The top surface of the table is made of MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard, which is more than a plywood. MDF is the combination of breaking down hardwood, wood fiber, wax, and a resin binder.

The surface can resist temperature and pressure and provides an effective bounce rate during the game. The table has come with a sufficient storage module for game accessories.

The Prince Tournament 6800 indoor table tennis table is designed with an MDF tabletop which provides you with box steel for the durability purpose, an easy access accessory storage and also with optimal bounce. It is partially assembled ( almost 50%) which makes it easy to set up that is up to 90 minutes for 2 people including net and clip sets.

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This is an indoor table tennis table from the AMP. The table makes the level of the game higher and takes you to the next level. The surface of the table tennis table is made through the MDF which is the medium-density fibreboard.

This has more features than plywood. The MDF has a combination of wood fibre, wax and resin binder. The surface of this table has high resistance towards temperature and it gives an effective bounce rate. The table also has a sufficient storage module that is good to store game accessories.

The set up of the table is very easy and it comes preassembled. The whole set up takes up to an hour to complete.

Prince Tournament 6800 Indoor Table Tennis Table Buyer Guide & Review

The setup is very easy as the table comes with 50% assembled. The whole setup process would take approx one hour to complete.

Key Features:

  • Big game and tournament table.
  • Indore Table Tennis.
  • Easy assembled.
  • MDF top surface of 18 mm.
  • Provides Optimal bounce.
  • 3″ wheel.
  • Swivel wheels with locks.
  • Steel box apron.

Stability and Protection:

  • The table has locking casters in its swivel wheels that it could be moved safely.
  • The additional accessories storage provides to store 6 balls and 2 rackets in each side.
  • The table comes with 50% pre-assembled.


  • Table – 108″Length × 60″width × 30″ Hight
  • Storage – 32″Length × 60″ Width × 62″ Hight
  • Table when playback – 70″Length × 60″ width × 62″ Hight.
  • Table when packed – 63″ Length × 58″ Width × 6″ Hight.


The pros of the Prince Tournament 6800 indoor table tennis table is as follows:-

  • The table has the leg levers and the bumper corners for the stability and protection of the table.
  • The table has an easy access paddle and also the ball storage space that holds up to 2 rackets and 6 balls on each side of the table.
  • The swivel wheel is there with locking casters for safe transportation.
  • The Prince Tournament table also has the playback capabilities.
  • As the table comes 50% preassembled it becomes easy to install and takes lesser time for fixing purpose.
  • The other parts are also included with the table such as the casters, aprons, accessory holder, legs, brackets and pre-drilled holes, includes nets and clip set.


The cons of the Prince Tournament 6800 indoor table tennis table is as follows:-

  • The table is just for the indoor purpose only.
  • As it comes pre-assembled so it is difficult to transport, as the swivel wheel locks are not so effective.
  • The weight of the table is also quite heavy which makes it quite tough to move and most of the time it gets damaged.
  • The table is not so easy to maintain due to the various small component of the table.
  • The table has an average bounce.
  • After being pre-assembled it still takes up to 90 minutes for assembling it for a minimum of 2 people.

The table is good for the indoor purpose and is good for practices or family get together. It is apt for your children to use it for fun purposes of recreational purposes or for learning or practice purpose. You can enjoy your ping pong game on this table. Only you have to be careful about the maintenance of the table as it is huge and heavy so it is quite tough to maintain and transport due to which the tendency of damaging increases.

As the table comes pre-assembled so it becomes less hectic to assemble the table. After assembling you can enjoy your ping pong game at home easily and have fun while playing. If your ping pong lover this table is best for you as it is not too costly as the pricing is quite average. The optimum bounce in the table makes it apt for playing the game for everyone and also if you are practising for the tournaments you can use the table for that purpose too.

The Prince Tournament 6800 indoor table tennis table is generally loved by the players though it has few shortcomings too which makes it an average selling product for the buyers. But still, it gives you a good experience of the game and also it includes the net and the clip set with the table.

How to Assemble The Prince Tournament 6800 Indore Table:

Now you have 50% assembled Prince Tournament 6800 Indoor Table Tennis Table. The pack comes with all the required instruments to assemble it completely.

Here we are providing the 10  steps, you can follow to complete the assembling process.

The table comes preassembled up to 50 per cent. But the rest 50 per cent is to be assembled by you. The pack has all the required instruments and can be assembled completely.

The various stages of assembly are listed below:

  • The attachment of the middle plate
  • The support and strut tubes need to be connected
  • The stand up of the black strut tubes
  • You need to be sure that wheels are locked
  • Attachment of the support tube
  • Secure tubes with the table.
  • You also need to attach the black tube along with the table.

Step 1: Assemble of Caster Beam

You will need the following parts –

  • HAI Triangle Support Plates – 4
  • PE Caster Beams – 2
  • HE Bolts – 8
  • H13 Washers – 16
  • H17 Stop Spools – 8
  • H6 Lock Nuts – 8

Connect the Triangle Support plates in the ages of Caster Beams near the wheels, by using Nuts, Bolts, and washers.

Step 2: Attaching The Middle Plate

You will need the following parts –

  • H4 Bolts – 4
  • HU Lock Nuts – 4
  • H14 Washers – 8
  • Caster Beams
  • Middle plates

You will simply have to attach the middle plate with caster Beams by nuts, bolts, and washers. You will find the attaching holes in the middle palate and in the Casters Beams.

Step 3: Connecting the Support and Strut Tubes

You will need the following parts –

  • H1 Bolts – 4
  • H6 Lock Nuts – 4
  • H9 Plastic Spacers – 4
  • H10 Plastic Washers – 8
  • H13 Washers – 8.

First, attach the support and black strut tubes with every side of the caster beams.  Both the tubes would be attached in one hole with a single nut and bolt under triangle support nut.

Step 4 and 5: Stand all four black strut tubes. Make sure the wheel lock is on.

For the next step, you need to attach the surface table on the black start tubes.

Step 6: Support Tube Attachment

You will need

  • H3 Bolts – 4
  • HU Lock Nuts – 4
  • H11 Plastic Washers – 8
  • H14 Washers
  • Support – Tubes – 4

Now attach the table with support tubes with nuts and bolts. You will get the attaching holes in the legs of the table.

Step: 7 Secure black strut tubes with the table. You will have to attach the black tube with the table.

You will need –

  • H16 Screw – 4
  • P5 Black Strut Tubes – 2

Step8: Connecting Hinges

You will find Hinges on the table to attach them with the black strut tubes.

You will need –

  • H5 Bolts – 4
  • HI Lock Nuts – 4
  • H12 Plastic Spacers – 4
  • H15 Washers – 8
  • P5 Black Strut Tubes

Step 9: Accessory Holder Assembly

You will need –

  • P6 Accessory Holder – 1
  • H19 Bolts – 2

Step 10: Attaching the Bumpers pins

You will need –

  • P9 corner Bumpers – 4
  • P10 Bumpers – 4

After following these steps you will find your Prince Tournament 6800 Table Tennis Table assembled. We recommended going with youtube videos for the assembling process.


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