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Sponeta Super Compact 8-37W Review

Sponeta Super Compact 8-37W
Written by Jenny

This table is from the famous brand of Sponeta. This is known for its table tennis products. The model we are going to discuss in the article is similar to the Stiga premium compact table.

Sponeta Super Compact 8-37W Indoor Table Tennis Table

Let us look at some of the features of the table. The table comes pre-assembled, this helps the users to reduce the load of work for setting it up. So, it is ready for play and the users can use it anytime.

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  • The next important thing regarding the table is that it has a 25 mm wooden top which has an apron of 2.4 inches. The profile frame is 60 mm and has high durability.
  • The swivel wheels are also seen and these come with the rubber tread wheels which help in moving it easily.
  • The folding mechanism is also easy and single-handedly done. There are air pistons present which is two in number and help in neutralizing the weight of the table.
  • There is a metal hand as well under the table and it helps in unlocking both sides of the table easily.
  • Users will also get an automatic click mechanism along with it which helps them to keep their table secure.
  • Storage as well as playing with the table both are very easy.
  • The storage position is 5’, 1.8’, 5.31’.
  • The table is approved by the IITF.
  • It is powder coated and has an adjustable top. Due to this nature, it can be used in various positions and it also accommodates the wheelchair.

It is important for the users to know that they need to keep the table in a room that is dry so that it can be protected from the various weather conditions that are present outside. There are two gas pressure springs present and these help in neutralizing the weight. So the players can easily open and also close the table according to their choice.

The top can be adjusted up to 30 mm and will help in providing different standing positions to the users.

The table is available in different standing positions of 9’, 5’ , 2.5’ and along with that 5’, 1.8’, 5.31’. The net weight if the table is 257 lbs. The table is pre-assembled which makes it very useful and easily accessible.


  • Description: Sponeta Super Compact W
  • Dimensions: 108, 60, 30 inches
  • Country: Germany
  • Item number: S8-37W
  • Weight: 365 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Assembly: Pre-assembled

Pros of Super compacta W

  • The construction is sturdy and the playability is also great
  • It us suitable for tournaments and for clubs too
  • It is approved by the IITF
  • The frame is powder coated and is of 60 mm
  • The table can be closed and opened safely even with a single person
  • The folding and storage of the table are very easy because of the air pistons
  • The design of the product is such that it can accompany the wheelchair
  • The assembly is done already and this makes it very easy for the users.

Cons of Super compacta W

  • Playback more is not a feature of the product
  • Built-in holders for rackets and balls are not there
  • The table is heavy and cannot be carried easily around the house or the place
  • The colour of the product is blue and no other colours are available

The product is manufactured in Germany. And the company that produces these tables is working actively for 60 years. The manufacturer is known as the largest OEM table tennis table manufacturer. And this tag is for the Europe grade tables. This table is regarded as one of the best tables for recreation and tournaments.

This table also offers an additional support layer. This is available without any extra cost. The warranty is applicable and the users can easily get the defects fixed in the shortest time. The team of the company is highly supportive and provides the maximum benefits to its customers.

Let us see some of the reviews of the users regarding the product:

  • According to the users, the table is strong and sturdy
  • Because it is preassembled no need for efforts, the users can directly play
  • There are wheels so that it can be carried easily around
  • Also, it can be folded and stored.


The table is of high quality and is liked by a lot of users. The users can check out the specifications and details of the product from above and get a warranty of 2 years.


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