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Sportcraft AMF Varsity Foosball Table Review

Sportcraft AMF Varsity Foosball table is a strong foosball table of its kind. This is a piece of commercial


equipment that comes with the thick cabinet, safe steel corners, and the playing rods of steel.

This is a better version of other classical foosball tables and improvisation of the Tornado table. It comes with features like side ball return and inset cup holders. It has adjustable legs to increase the hight.

This is a 185 pounds weighted foosball table with a length of 57.5 inches. The dimensions are 30″ wide x 34.75″ long.


Sportcraft AMF Varsity

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade strong foosball table
  • HPL Laminated cabinet – scratch-free and durable
  • Solid Steel corner
  • Strong steel table rods.
  • Adjustable legs
  • Easy cabinet design
  • Foosball balls 4 textured

A Family set

  • This AMF Varsity foosball table is specially designed for family and friends. It has a bead scoring system to helps you keep tracking the goals.
  • It has round holes with cup holders on both sides, the total has 4 cup holders which could be multipurpose during a game.
  • Sportcraft makes many foosball tables but it makes the AMF Varsity for least users that is the family.
  • The cabinet is made of MDF which is very durable and also coated with HPL laminated which makes the tablet scratch-free.
  • It has solid rods for players controlling handles although they are little slippery.


The players are made of good quality plastic and they are divided into two teams. They look traditional all their body shape has made to feel real human, especially their foot they are like any normal human being.

But the rounded foot players are drawback because when you hit the ball, the ball can go any way

You can manage the counterbalance on the players, which means you can make them in any position for a longer time.


  • Traditional looking players
  • Counterbalanced play
  • Three-man goalie
  • Made of quality wood
  • Good design
  • Good Steal rods


  • Handles are not so perfect
  • RodsĀ  are slow-moving
  • Rounded feet men.


Sportcraft AMF Varsity is a good family foosball table at an affordable price. It has solidity, durability, and comfortability while playing with family.

You would have a lot of fun in any family gathering. the best thing it has is around 100 years’ trust in the brand the Sportcraft.


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