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STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

If you are looking for a perfect and durable table tennis table, then probably your search for it will get over. In this article, we are presenting before you the detailed review of the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

We have shared all the premium features of this popular table tennis tables along with the pros and cons it is carrying with it. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make your final decision about this table tennis table that is whether is it worth buying or not?

In our review, we have covered the most essential aspects for which a table tennis player looks forward while making the decision of buying a TT Table. These aspects include:




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STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

In Depth review STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage TableTennis Table Review & Buyer Guide in Details

So starting with the features, STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table is having the surface with the thickness of 16 mm with adjustable wheel feet. Its feet are also having levellers made with rubber to protect your floor from scratches. For the ease of mobility, it has two halves. It comes up with the playback feature. The quality of the material used to build STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table makes it sturdy.

The thickness

In the eyes of some of the table tennis players, the thickness of the 16 mm is a drawback because it can make the ball little slower and lack the proper bounce in comparison to the TT tables with a thicker surface. The thickness between the 19 mm to the 25 mm can make it a perfect choice. The thickness between 19 mm to 25 mm makes the table tennis for the perfect play. But if you are planning to buy this table for fun, recreation and a little bit of the training then you may compromise on its thickness. On the other side, if you are looking for a good learning of the table tennis or buying it for the club or competition then we don't believe that STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table will meet your standard on the basis of the thickness it is having.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Overview

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table comes up with 3-inch lockable casters which give it perfect stability. It also allows you to set-up and folds the table within 10 to 15 minutes.

The lockable casters and superior engineering

This table is made with the top-notch quality material with the weight of around 80-85 kilograms. The superior designing and furnishing make it a smarter choice for you. Further, the zero gravity balance and easy to set-up features are some premium reasons for its popularity.

The Net

There are a number of table tennis tables available in the market on which after investing a huge sum of money you will get the poor quality net with it but STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table offers a classic net with heavyweight clamps. So you need not worry about it. It will make you realize the worth of investing your money in this table.

Customer satisfaction

Most of the reviews shared by the users of STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table are highly satisfactory. Most of the customers' reviews talk praise the following qualities of this TT Table:

1. The high-quality material

2. Well engineered design

3. Easy to set-up and fold

4. Great TT Table for family vacations and indoor plays also

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The overall recommendation

As shared earlier, if you are looking for a table tennis table which you want for the enjoyment of the game, vacations, indoor game or a little training then STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table is very smart choice in this range. But if you are looking for a TT Table for clubs and a competitive or full-fledged practice then go with another TT table which is having a good thickness.

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