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STIGA Baja Ping Pong Table Review and Buying Guide

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When you are planning to buy a table for playing table tennis outdoor, then you must have thought or heard of Stiga Baja ping pong table. This brand is great for offering good quality tables to the table tennis players all over the world. This table from them is weather-resistant and anti-rust. There is an aluminium composite top which is anti warp and thus will last long. This durable table is well made and caters to the need of professional as well as hobbyist players.

STIGA Baja Ping Pong Table Review

The features of this table along with fittings are varied and available at a different price range. As a good quality ping pong table is not cheap, we wish to discuss more the pros and cons of this individual product, so you can decide if you want to buy this or not.

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STIGA Baja Ping Pong Table Features:

  • Assembly of the unit:

This is an outdoor ping pong table and it is available disassembled. You can do the assembling with the help of assembly manual which is available with the package. We advise to first read through the manual and get a basic idea of how things work. Then you can start with the job and for your query, you can check the guideline. The process can take up approximately 2 to 3 hours.

  • Tabletop quality:

The surface of the table is 10mm thick and it is made of aluminium. The composite top is also stripped with silkscreen which indicates it will last through all the rough weathering. The sturdy table will not give up easily against harsh weather conditions. The play of table tennis will be consistent at the presence of this table, and it offers seamless bounce throughout the surface, so the ball bounces back wherever it hits the tabletop.

  • Wheel Caster

There is a 5-inch double wheel caster that works through all terrain. The easily movable table is great for playing the game in any kind of outdoor condition. Also, you can keep it back to the storage with the help of the wheels. Once you keep the table at a place, the caster locks it and keeps it fixed at the same position.

  • Frame

The table has a welded steel support frame, which is visible once you check under the table after it is set. This steel frame offers support to the heavy tabletop.

  • Apron

There is a steel apron that covers the frame of the table all around. This steel apron keeps the table protected from any kind of weathering.

  • Corner protectors

The four corners of the table come protected to ensure safety. People tend to hit against the table or their racket may hit against the corner. The protectors come handy in such cases as the edge of the table does not get cracked or chipped off by the hit.

  • Net

A Stiga 72 inch pivoting all-weather net is available with the post system with this Stiga Baja Ping Pong table. The well-designed net saves you from the extra cost that you would have to bear if it was not included with the package. Only the net requires a periodical adjustment so the tension does not get lost with time and a recurring hit of the balls.

  • Leg levellers

The table comes with 2-inch steel made legs which have the leg levellers. The legs are steady enough to hold the table at its position firmly. The leg levellers will help to keep the legs adjusted even when the outdoor field texture is not smooth enough.

More from Stiga:


  • Weather-resistant
  • Good for outdoor uses
  • Heavy-duty welded steel apron
  • Self-opening steel legs
  • Double wheel with locks
  • Corner protector
  • Zinc covered hardware to lessen weathering
  • Net and post system included


  • Bounce not even
  • Not ITTF approved

This Stiga Baja ping pong table is made to last due to all weather conditions and for a long time. The bottom of the table is made of the top board and it is pretty thick. To be specific it is of 10 mm thickness.  This part is built of sheet metal so the table is ready for harsh weather conditions and will last much longer. This table is sturdy enough to withhold sun, rain, wind and any other inevitable weather condition.

Some users complain about a long time that it takes during assembly, and the instruction offered with the package is not helpful enough. But once it is done, the folding and unfolding of the table is an easy job. Due to the folding facility, you can keep it stored in a small place. Also regarding the wheel, some users report that the mobility of the table is hampered after the first few months, which is disappointing.  As it comes with plastic wheel brackets, which are pretty fragile, the more time goes, the weaker it becomes. So if you choose to buy this otherwise good table, try not to move it too often and place it at a single point.

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