Stiga Carbonado 145 Vs 190 Review

In the following article, we will discuss the comparison between Stiga Carbonado 145 and Stiga 190 review. Let us first see the specifications of both the tables.

Stiga Carbonado 145 and 190

After going through the information regarding these blades we get to know that the blades are the result of 3-year research. The material used in making these is the Textreme. The textreme used is a high tech carbon fibre that is made by using lightweight bikes and parts of the car. This is even used in the tennis rackets.

The textreme boasts are largely used nowadays in the conventional carbon blades which are available in the market nowadays. Both the blades have a very good finish and this feature is unknown to a lot of people. Stiga has worked constantly to improve the quality of finish in their blades. The blades have metal tags and a lot of more things. These help to provide a good finish. The NCT coating tables help to provide thick surface to the blade surface.

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There is a line that divides the NCT coating between the blade and the neck of the blade.

Before we get further we should know that both the tables have only slight differences. The construction is the same and the wood veneers too.

There is the orientation of the carbon weave too that is a very distinguishing mark. The blade 145 has diagonal orientation whereas the 190 has a perpendicular orientation. The layers are very hard the textreme carbon layers are thin and very thin and thinner than the carbon layers of the other blades that are available in the market.


Both the blades have good speed but they are not too fast. They are not too fast as compared to the other Stiga Blades. The Stiga intensity carbon is faster. We see that the Carbonado is faster when compared to other brands like the TB ALC. But the Super MJ ZLC is fast than the other Carbonades.


The blades are mid stiff and not too stiff. Both the blades have a solid feel and they do not have a regular ZJK ZLC blade. Every time you use the blades you get a different feel. Both the blades have good feedback. They give minimum vibrations as compared to the intensity carbons. You might not feel these blades to be very hard and the feedback of the ball is improved since the textreme layers are not too hard.


By using both the rubbers (LT sound) and the medium rubbers having ( LT spin) we get the following results. Both the blades have low throw heights but the Carbonado 145 has a higher throw. The Carbonado 190 has a ball height of 2-3 inches from the net whereas the Carbonado 145 has a ball height of 3-4 inches. They have the same strokes and rubbers.

Table attacks

The Carbonado 190has a low and sharp trajectory which is useful in spin drives and smashes. If you attack with loops then you use adjustments for the ball arc. This is basically more important when you are doing underspin. When you use the attacks that need more compression then you should go for Carbonado 190.

For a mid-distance

The Carbonado 145 is better than the 190 as it has long trajectories. The 145 has a better arc as it has higher arc for countering ball mid-distance and. Due to the higher arc, 145 is much better than the Carbonado 190.

Other strokes

If we consider the distance as criteria both the blades is good for blocking. But we see that the Carbonado 145 has better blocks for mid-distance and the 190 has close to the table. Both the blades have a good level of control and are very user friendly in comparison to the other superfast blades. Both the blades are not good for the short strokes this is because they are not bouncy, but the 190 blade is better for drop shots because of the lower arc.


Both the blades have a class of their own but the blade 145 will impress you more. It has a better arc than the Hurricane blade. The combination is balanced and is good. The speed and spin control are better. The Carbonado 190 is a better blade as it has a Chinese rubber but 145 will suit you more. But a lot of people buy both the blades for getting something different.


Both the blades are impressive but we would suggest you go for the Carbonado 145. This is because it has better trend and is fast. There are a lot of fast rubbers in the market but you should not worry about the speed of the blade. While you are buying the blades you should focus on the feel and the control of the blade. Speed will be compensated and you will have a better choice. Both the blades are user friendly and have a hefty price. Both the blades can be used by anyone. They have a friendly price.


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