Stiga Clipper vs Avalox P700

Choosing the right blade for the table tennis games is an important decision. One must know the right technique and to execute that, the right kind of blade is necessary. Not all blades suit everyone. There is some difference in quality and productivity. The right blade can bring out the best player from you, so choosing the blade with precision is the first step of playing a serious table tennis game.

Stiga Clipper vs Avalox P700

Now when we talk about good blades, there are so many options available. All the brands claim to have the right kind of blade, but when you will use them, you may or may not feel the same. So we can suggest you a comparative study on two best quality blades which you may find useful.

Stiga Clipper Wood Blade:

The brand Stiga is famous all over the world and sportspeople trust them for the best quality products. The stroke in the power is produced from this superb quality blade. This bat is used by many Asian players for the world-class game.

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  • This is an all-wood blade. The speed rate of this bat is 101 and the control rate is 53.
  • This is a seven-ply blade. So the thickness of the blade, as well as the power, is great, as it is comprised of seven wood ply of different thicknesses.
  • The configuration is thin top ply with thick centre ply construction which is a traditional method.
  • The construction of the blade allows it to feel soft to touch the ball. But the flex and spring that you will feel when you hit the ball, is hard and solid.
  • You will receive crisp feedback in time of hitting medium or softballs.
  • The make of the blade is rough and you can play many matches with this one without getting it damaged.
  • With the moderate hit, you will avail great flex and power.

Avalox P700 Blade:

This is a fast blade with stiffer make and sweet spot. If you select the rubber wisely you may get perfect speed from this one. Good blocks for looping and nice ST grip make it an amazing product.

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  • Avalox P700 blade is good for short games. The feel of the ball on this blade is great.
  • This one has the Limba 7 ply construction like Stiga clipper which makes it a trustworthy and durable blade.
  • This can be easily called the best looping blade with good speed and soft feel along with good control.
  • It will let you play with more spin and attack the opposition. It is preferable that you use Chinese or medium-hard European rubber with this blade.
  • This faster and harder blade can be used against the 40+ plastic balls. There is precision in backhand attack and the front hand loop will be smooth.
  • Returns are faster and blockings are powerful with Avalox P700 bat. If you use inverted rubber, the loops, blocks and serves will be great.
  • This is a lightweight bat with convenient handle and the attractive colour is pretty much popular among the Chinese National Team.

Comparative study:

  • Both Stiga Clipper and Avalox P700 are made with traditional 7 ply construction which increases the longevity and sturdiness.
  • The difference that you will feel with Stiga is when you hit the ball with the bare blade, there will be a high pitched ping and in case of Avalox, it will be a lower pitch.
  • The feel is apparent but the ping is quite muted.
  • The deep tone with a dwell feel is the classification of Avalox and hard rubbers make it more evident. The Stiga clippers retain the higher-pitched sound but the feel is much stiffer which may fit the softer speed-glued Chinese rubber.
  • Clipper may feel stiffer than Avalox but that can be due to the thicknesses of the plys.
  • There is a slight speed increase and decrease of control in Avalox than Stiga.


There are quite a few similarities between Avalox P700 and Stiga Clipper. Most of the players feel that the features and the experience are almost the same. Regarding the price, these blades are almost similar so you can select any blade as per your choice. The stiffness and dwelling is slightly better with Avalox though. For the beginners, the Stiga one will be better suited while for the professionals the P700 will perform better.

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