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Stiga Expert Roller CSS Review

Stiga Expert Roller CSS Review
Written by Jenny

Are you aware of the table tennis table? Well, you can know this through the content that is provided below. There are two versions of the table that are available in the market. This particular model is German-made.

You can easily use it and this table can be moved anywhere easily and smoothly.

Stiga Expert Roller CSS Review

The table can easily glide on the floor from the storage room to the place where you want to keep it for playing. You can keep it back easily. Thinking from service to the game point we find that, this table provides the users with the regulation stripping as well as the edge binding.

The table can easily rest on the wooden support and the legs are also stable. The tournament nets and posts are also available with this.

Stiga Expert Roller CSS (European version)

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The playing dimensions are: 5’W, 9’D, 30”H

The playback dimensions are: 60, 71, 74 inches

The storage dimensions are: 60, 28, 74 inches

Stiga Expert Roller

  • Model No: T82201
  • Competition grade
  • The table is a regulation style
  • The design is extra heavy duty and there are ball bearing casters of 4 inches
  • There are net and posts available as well.
  • This product is made in Germany.


All the Stiga Tables including this one have a warranty of 1 year and this is against the manufacturing defects.  The mega spin offers the additional layer of support that is not mostly seen in the standard manufacturing policies.

This product provides the benefit. The team of the company is responsive and provides the support that is needed in case of any issues.


The Stiga Expert has the best prize in the countries and as compared to the others that are available we find it to be very suitable.

Strong and secure

This expert roller model by Stiga provides the required support that is needed and helps the users to keep their tabletop flat and stable. This is a classic tournament table and has huge steel legs. It is made of heavy gauge steel. The table measures 2.5, 1.5 inches and provides a secure setting to the gameplay.

The most important feature of the indoor table is that it is easy to fold and you can keep it anywhere you feel when it is not in use. Moreover, you can put it in the playback position and practice if you do not have an opponent. When you are unfolding the table the legs will automatically deploy and this makes it easy and safe for you to put it away as well.

As with the name of the table it is easy to store and move. You can easily move it around indoors and outdoors. There are 4-inch ball bearing wheels as well out of which two of them are locked

As the name suggests, the Expert Roller has wheels to make it portable and easy to move around indoors. It’s equipped with four 4 -inch ball-bearing wheels. Two of them then lock for extra stability when playing and safety when it’s stored.


There is an annoying thing about the 1inch regulation tables and it is that they need time for assembly. There are some exceptions such as Butterfly Centrefold 25 and some others that are fully assembled. These are 1” thick and will take 2-3 hours for assembly purposes.

The Expert Roller has the same case and it is likely to have two people needed for its assembly. It is also expected with the heavy-duty tables. But if you follow the instructions then you will be able to complete the process easily and safely.

72 “clipper net

When you purchase the table you will get the net and the post set with it. The premium tournament level net has been made using cotton and steel. There is a clipper-style post that can be set up easily. The table is also approved by the USA Table Tennis and passes all their requirements to the official tournaments.


  • This table is approved by the IITF. The tabletop is 25mm thick and is approved for the official tournaments.
  • It is strong and has a strong undercarriage as well. The frame is also good and the legs are 2.5 and 1.5 inches.
  • The table comes with the net and post set. When the users purchase it from Amazon they find the clipper set, as well as the post available with it and they, can adjust the height and tension of it as well.
  • The table is foldable and you can use it in the playback position as well. When the table is not in use you can fold it and also use the playback one for the solo practice.


  • The assembly is required. The assembly might take a very long time and will need two people.
  • The table is heavy and because it is 1” thick therefore the table seems heavy to unfold.


The Stiga Expert Roller is a table that is highly suitable for tournaments and is best for those who want a superior table indoors.

This table is not suitable for beginners and those who aren’t serious about the game should not purchase this. Moreover, it is highly suitable and meets all the requirements of the players.



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