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STIGA InstaPlay Review – Ping-pong table

Written by Jenny

Ping-pong and table tennis is getting famous day by day among the common peoples. The main concern among people about, which one is the best ping-pong table for themselves. For purchasing a table tennis table we have to consider a number of factors and features like, its thickness, build quality, its wheel mechanism, and most importantly its storing and portability. Here in this article, we have come up with one such high-grade table tennis table by STIGA, which is STIGA Insta play.

STIGA Insta play is one of the Olympic grade table tennis available in the market, which can be very beneficial for your professional-level play, or just as a fun element to enjoy your summer holidays.

There are generally two kinds of table tennis tables available in the market, one is internal that you usually keep indoor and other kind is external table tennis, which people enjoy outdoors while having a picnic and sunbathing along playing. This STIGA Insta play is an indoor ping pong table, So if you want to buy a very high-grade indoor table tennis table then we would suggest you to go with STIGA Instaplay. So without wasting your time let us look at some prominent features of STIGA table tennis.

STIGA Instaplay table tennis table

The STIGA Insta Play is full of features that make it a perfect choice for consumers, we will give a brief description of each of them one by one, so you can make your choice smartly.

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Thickness of the Top

The thickness of the table tennis table is the most important aspect, which determines how well a person would enjoy his/her game. The standard outline determined, that the thickness should not be lesser than 0.75 inches, and lesser than that would not offer the same kind of gameplay and bounce that a person would desire. Talking about STIGA Insta play thickness, it is thick around 0.80 inches, which would be efficient enough for gameplay and offers you desired bounce and consistency, which make you gameplay very smooth and effective.

Durability and thickness of the frame

The next important feature we have to consider about the table tennis table is its, durability and frame thickness, which is an important element required for intense and extreme gameplays, hence to overcome this things table tennis table must-have, very large-sized legs and very high rated thick frame to stand along. When we consider about STIGA InstaPLAY, it has 2-inch thick square-shaped legs and frame made up of 2-inch steel apron to give it high standard durability and strength.

Locking Wheels

Another important feature that the table tennis table must-have is a wheel-locking mechanism. We usually have to move our table tennis table, from one place to another, so wheels are important thing to have in our table, for providing portability and movability, but if there is no wheel locking mechanism then during your intense gameplay table would move here and there and thus ruin its stability and your gameplay. Hence STIGA Instaplay is equipped with a wheel locking mechanism, that makes your gameplay efficient.

Netting System

Net is the most important part of the table tennis gameplay, table tennis requires where, stationery and hard netting systems. It is covered with brackets around the corner, to hold the net in tight and intact place, so that you don’t have to face any kind of looseness and inconsistent bounce of the NET, for indoor purpose, people usually prefer NET system, which is removable and detachable for its place as it is convenient for storage purpose. Hence, STIGA table tennis table comes up with highly Fabricated NET that offers the same experience as Stationery net and can easily be removable.


All the prominent features that we have discussed above are very much dependent upon this feature i.e. Undercarriage, which means the overall strength of the table tennis table. When it comes to the carriage of the STIGA Table tennis table, it is very sturdy and reliable, as its legs are sturdy and made up of folding mechanism, which makes it very easy and convenient to move easily and can be stored in fewer spaces also.


Here comes the main thing that we look in the portable kind of table tennis tables, its assembly time. All the table tennis manufacturer provide proper guide and manual for assembling their table tennis in the proper way. Usually, high profile table tennis is very tough to assemble and it may take around 2 to 3 hours to assemble it properly and However, somehow you had made some sort of mistake then your 2-3 hours of hard work will go in vain. That’s not the case with STIGA instaplay, as its name suggests it is ready to go table tennis table. You do not need to do any kind of assembly for playing on it, simply unfold its legs and place the netting on the place and you are ready to go for action.

Spare parts and guarantees

Buying anything, it is very necessary to consider warranty factor. As it is very common for having breakdowns and breakage while playing table tennis on a table tennis table. So in any case of accident Warranty claims to play. When we talk about of STIGA Instaplay table tennis tables’ warranty. Generally, you won’t find any kind of breakage and breakdowns with it, as it comes with high-quality steel frame and steel stand which provide it durability and strength. However, due to some cause you breakdown your STIGA table tennis table, then the brand will 3 years and if somehow you are out of warranty in that case company has assured to provide Individual Spare Parts, which you can easily replace.


  • Auto assembled and saves times
  • Net system is removable.
  • Corner resin pad for protection
  • The thickness of 0.80 inch, which gives good bounce.
  • Wheel locking mechanism, which is 2 inch in size
  • Foldable legs and frame make it very convenient to store.
  • Foldable for convenience during storage
  • Very good undercarriage property.


  • After long use may it’s quality.
  • High chances of warping when stored in hot and humid places

Our Review

As per our usage the STIGA instplay, has passed in all kind of tests we performed during a table tennis gameplay. Its top is extremely furnished and smooth that offer some of the best gaming experience, with its natural bounce and stability. So, if you are looking for one of the best table tennis tables, we would definitely recommend you to go for it. Some of the other popular tables are listed here:

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As per the famous e-commerce website Amazon, it has an average rating of 4.3, which make this tennis table very effective one for professional and indoor usage. Its adaptability and usually no requirement of any kind of assemble and property to be stored at small places, make it a good choice as you do not have to worry about its placement any storing place. We would not recommend this product for ping-pong games, its sturdy and high-quality build will not disappoint you while gameplay. I hope you liked our article about the review related to the STIGA INSTAPLAY indoor table tennis table and if you have any more queries and questions related to it please feel free to contact us.

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