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STIGA space saver Ping-Pong Table

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If you want to play table tennis then, you need to have a good table tennis table or we can also say it as a Ping-Pong table. There is a wide variety of Ping-Pong table available in the market. Like Butterfly Compact, STIGAXTR, JOOLA Midsize and many more. But in this, we will discuss one of the best Ping-Pong tables STIGA Space saver table tennis table.

If you are a table tennis fan, then you better understand the need for a good table for a great match as well as for practice.

STIGA space saver Ping-Pong Table In Depth Review

STIGA space saver in one of the best Ping-Pong table due to its grate and nice features.




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STIGA space saver

Ultimate Professional Ping Pong Table 

Space saver- If you don’t have any specific room or personal room for this table. Don’t worry…. This table consumes a very less space and it is being composed of two half tables. So you can use it as you furniture table also.

Easy to store- It it is easy to store and anyone can assemble it very easily. The STIGA space saver comes with two independent halves. Each half have the same size that is 35 inches long and 41.5 long.

Multipurpose-You can play cards or make it as your dining table also. As mentioned earlier, you can disassemble the two pieces of this table and can use them as separate pieces of furniture.

Design-The table has quite dissent design and use of steel to make it give great support and stability. There is a classy finishing on the top of the table. As by name its space-saving Ping-Pong table, its storage features of this table is pretty helpful. This Ping-Pong table is similar to a professional Ping-Pong table. 

Size-About 71 inches long and 40.5 inches wide, this is about one third the size of the standard Ping-Pong table. But somehow the height of the table is 30 inch which gives a feeling of playing on the standard Ping-Pong table. It features a thick 5/8 inch MDF table top. The thickness is normally of the full-sized table and gives consistent bounce that feels like you are playing on the professional table.

Material-This table has solid welded steel legs which are powder coated to prevent it from rusting. Moulded leg levellers prevent the floor from scratches and give a perfectly flat surface.

Comes with net and net post- If you buy Ping-Pong table of another brand then you need to buy net and post net from the market. But there is no requirement to buy net and post net with STIGA space saver.

Quality-You have to compromise on the quality of this table. Similar to another table, while this table has a manufacturing defect or gets damaged due to packing or in shipment. Some customer received a table with damaged side bare. Some have broken support bars or chips in the top. There are some rare and small problem may occur in the table, so look out the table clearly that there is no defect in it while purchasing.

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 Overall, STIGA space saver is a premium quality Ping-Pong table. It offers so many features at a very low cost. While this table is also not certified by ITTF Certified or not suitable for any table tennis tournament. But it is quite good for those who want to play with their friends at the home or want to do their practice sessions on it.

Do not wait now. If this table suites your requirement and you are looking for some multipurpose piece of table tennis table then, you can buy this for sure. Hurry up! Decide well and decide quickly. Bring home your own tennis table and play this amazing game with your friends and family members.

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