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STIGA ST3100 and ST4100 Review

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Stiga has many popular collection of ping pong tables worth spending money.

Sometime it gets hard to choose among the tables within brand. Stiga ST3100 and ST4100 are very popular and often makes confusion on which one to buy. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the comparison between the Stiga ST3100 and ST4100 so that you can get more clear picture on which one to buy.

Stiga ST3100 and ST4100 Review

Popular Stiga Ping Pong Tables worth checking:

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Stiga ST3100

This table works very well and is very suitable for the mid-level players and the beginners. There are a lot of five-star reviews on the ping pong table and we see that is a favourite item for a number of players. In this article, we will discuss the table in detail.

It gives a lot of advantages to the users as compared to the other ping pong tables in the same price range. The top is of ¾ inches. This table is thicker than most of the tables in the same price range. Thus it gives a better response.

Now, there are players of all ages so the table should be such that the player of every age enjoys playing.

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The high school and the middle-age kids also feel that the table is highly suitable for them and gives them a high-quality play.


Let us now head towards some of the important specifications of the table tennis table.

  • You can get performance storage which has an apron
  • There is a smooth and durable screened stripping
  • The tp is of ¾ inches
  • There are both net and posts
  • The casters are of 3 inches
  • The apron is of 2 inches.
  • The legs are of 2 inches.


If the instructions are not followed then the assembly of the table can be quite very difficult. The assembly of this table will take quite long and you need the assistance of another person to use this table. You need to be sure that you do not tighten the nuts so much, also make sure that you fold up and store them nicely. Try investing on a power drill and always keep your eye contact on the size bolts.

Large wheels

This table has casters of 3 inches that are large enough. This makes the rolling quite easy ad you can move the table very easily.

Solid framing

The table is designed with well-engineered techniques. The table provides a very strong surface which looks very strong once it is assembled. After you lock the wheels and keep the legs down, the table might resist the movement.

Single-player option

The table has a playback mode that you can use to play individually. This allows you to practice well without the need of a partner. The table makes it quite easy to play as you can practice alone and have an improved play.

Easy storage

This table can fold up very easily and can be stored anywhere you want to. You can keep it in tight spaces if you want to. The table can be folded therefore you can carry it and place it anywhere.

Ball storage

The table has an apron for ball storage. This can occupy up to 12 balls on both sides. Most of the tables do not have ball holders. If you do not have ball storage then you will constantly search for them all around.


  • Storage capacity is high
  • Thick legs are there which provide good support
  • The playing surface is good
  • It has a professional appearance
  • Folds easily
  • Large casters are there which make the rolling easily.
  • Playback position gives support to the players for training.


  • Net and posts are not of so good quality
  • There are no balls and paddles present
  • There are red stabilizing bars
  • Assembly is difficult

Stiga ST 4100

This indoor table lets you get a friendly competition. You need to gather enthusiasts who can play table tennis with you. In this section, we will be discussing more the Stiga St4100 table tennis table.


Let us look at some of the important specifications of the table:

  • It has aprons for ball storage
  • Top of 1 inch
  • It has net and posts of appropriate tension
  • There are legs of 2 ½
  • It is sturdy and strong
  • There is an apron of 2.5 inches
  • It has a playback position.

After seeing some of the specifications of the table let us head on to the features of the table which will help us to know which table is better.


Assembly is one of the very important features that a person looks for before buying a table tennis table. Some of the tables have a tough assembly and it takes them a lot of time to assemble it.

This table has an easy assembly and you can easily build it in the required position.


The storage of the table is quite easy. Since the table can be folded easily, therefore, you can place it anywhere you wish to.

Ball storage

The table tennis table has aprons that are there for ball storage. Since the balls are stored in there easily, therefore, you no longer need to run for finding the balls. You can store them easily.

Single-player option

The table tennis table can be folded easily and due to this, it provides the ability to the users to play alone. The players can practice their game alone and they do not need a second player for this.

Steel apron

The extra steel apron that is present helps to provide extra support to the table. Net and posts are also available with the table.


If the users prefer to get easy assembly then they can choose ST4100. Both tables have good quality and great features. Both the tables are of professional grade.

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