Stiga ST3100 vs Joola Review

Stiga St3100 vs Joola Review
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We see that Stiga, as well as Joola, are very famous brands and people love the products that these brands provide. We will look at the features and specifications of both these table tennis tables one by one along with their pros and cons.

Stiga St 3100 Review

This ping pong table works great and is for the ones who are looking to improve their skills in the game. This brand has gained 5-star reviews and is regarded as one of the favorite brands.

Stiga St 3100 ping pong table has a lot of advantages such as the top of ¾ inches; it is thicker as compared to the other competitors. The bounce provided by this product is also better.

Going through the reviews of a lot of tables we find that this table is great and provides room for recreation. The high school students find that this is a professional grade table.


  • The integrated ball storage apron
  • Provides smooth and durable stripping
  • Ball apron holds 24 balls in total that is 12 per side.
  • The top is 3/4 inches
  • Casters of 3 inches
  • The table has 2 inches apron and 2 inches legs
  • The package is 62.5, 56.5, 5.0 inches
  • It can be used in the playback position as well and the storage position as well.


If the assembly instructions are not followed then it might become difficult for the people to assemble it. Also, this table will take longer to assemble than the other tables because it has more parts as compared to others. It is important that while you are assembling you do not tighten the nuts; this is because if you do so then it would become difficult for you to store it.


The wheels of this table are large and the casters are 3 inches that is larger as compared to the other tables at this price. This makes it quite easy for the users it rolls it and moves it around the room.

Solid framing

The undercarriage of the table is well engineered. It locks together and helps in providing a very strong and sturdy surface once it is assembled. The 2 inches thick legs are not at all flimsy and provide great support to the table. If the wheels are locked then the table will not move.


  • The storage capacity is very great
  • The thick legs of the table provide great support
  • The playing surface is good and provides a professional appearance to the ping pong table
  • The table folds up easily so as to provide easy accessibility and convenient storage
  • The casters are large and help in moving the table easily.
  • There is a playback position as well which helps the users to easily fold the table and practice.


  • The net and post of the table might not be of good quality
  • The balls and paddles are not available with the ping pong table
  • The stabilizing bars are not having the professional appearance
  • The assembly is quite difficult.

We will now look at the features and important specifications related to the Joola Table.

Joola Table review

This ping pong table is a regulation table and has a build of 5/8 inches, the legs are 1.5 inches diameter and the undercarriage is powder coated so that it can prevent rust.

This option is highly inexpensive plus the table is very suitable for those who are looking for options that can keep their kids entertained. As in the regulation, tables are very expensive and since we do not want to spend so much money therefore this is one of the best alternatives that you can select.

Specifications of the table:

  • The table has the dimensions of 9, 5 ft
  • The assembly takes 10-20 minutes
  • The table has a surface thickness of 5/8 inches and the tabletop is 15 mm
  • The weight of the table is 137 lbs
  • The table is approved by USATT and also approved for the quality
  • The table has received ratings of 9.9/10

This is one of the best-selling tablets in the market and since it is released it has gained a lot of ratings.


  • The assembly of this table is quite easy and it takes only 15 minutes to setup
  • The table can be split into halves ad, therefore, can be used in the payback mode so as to practice and play easily.
  • The undercarriage is made of steel and is having legs of 1.5-inch diameter. It provides extra support and stability to the table. The table is powder coated and prevents rust.
  • There are protectors for the corners as well. The frame also has corner protectors which protect it from knocks.
  • It is safe to use and the locking mechanism provides extra safety when it is folded.
  • It has height adjusters and leg levelers of 1.25 inches that ensue the playing top is even
  • The ping pong table is light in weight and weighs around 140 lbs as compared to the other tables of this range.
  • There are eight wheels of 3 inches each that provide easy mobility. Each half of the table has four wheels that make it easy to port. It also helps to lock the table at a place during the play.
  • The table is quite popular among the people and a lot of people use it
  • The table provides the satisfaction guarantee of 100%


  • The table does not provide the best surface for playing. It does not have the best bounce that is needed
  • This is an indoor table and should not be used in high heat, and area of high humidity
  • The net and posts are not of great quality
  • Manufacturer warranty is not given but they will find the satisfaction guarantee.


As per the research, we find that both the ping pong table are of good quality and ratings. If the users want good bounce they should go for STIGA whereas if they want easy assembly and playback features they should go for Joola.

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