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Stiga ST3100 vs Prince 6800 Which one to buy?

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There are quite a few popular tables for table tennis players but it is hard to decide which one you will find most useful. Some are good in performance and others are easy to install.

Some come with free accessory and others have a great bounce that helps you to train like a professional performer. We will be discussing here two of the best tables in the market, Stiga ST300 and Prince 6800.

Stiga ST3100 vs Prince 6800

Overview Stiga ST3100 Master Series Ping Pong Table


  • 2” apron
  • .75” playing surface
  • 2” legs
  • 19mm surface

Stiga ST300 table is famous for the bounce and so it trains you to become a championship player. This is a budget-friendly table, so you can get it at a low cost.

Stiga ST300 table comes in the regulation size. It is an indoor table with a wide playing surface and sturdy legs. The stylish black and red color scheme of the table makes it look stylish and sporty.

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There is storage space for the ball so you will not lose the balls while playing or waste time in search of the balls. There is ball apron which holds 12 balls on each side, and it helps you to keep track of the stray balls in no time.

It comes with the net so you do not have to buy it separately; this is a nice way to save money. The net included with this table is a very good one, though, for the professional player, a better quality net with some extra bucks will do the job. This one comes in a pre-assembled state, so you need to follow approx 20 steps to make it ready for playing. There is a manual that says the guidelines clearly and it will help you a lot. 2-3 hours are needed to make it ready.

This table can be folded and thus the storage is easy. It takes up much lesser space when folded than playing position. But you cannot separate the two halves, as these are attached with each other and cannot be carried individually. There are angled brackets which are a little bit difficult to lock, so you may find it to fix in playing position with some difficulty. But it does not take more than one person to get it unfolded or folded anyway.

  • The bounce of the table is pretty responsive. The 19 mm top of the table offers fast response. But the problem is that the two sides of the table do not match up.  There is a small gap which results in the net attachment in one side only. But until you are practising for the championships, it will not create any problem.
  • The legs of this rollaway model with apron and brackets offer extra support and durability. The casters are there to make the movement easier. The chassis is strong and longevity is a genuine aspect of the Stiga table. This is a heavy table and that assures its high standard of material.


  • Fast bounce
  • Great quality
  • Perfect for advanced players


  • Not fully assembled
  • Gap between the halves

Prince 6800 Indoor Table Overview:


  • 18 mm MDF top
  • 3” diameter wheels
  • 2” box steel apron
  • Dimension 108” x 60” x 30”


The manufacturer of this table also claims that this product is best for the professional players or the ambitious ones who wish to take part in the championships.

The tabletop is made from 18mm MDF, and it provides the best bounce. It helps you to play at the level of tournaments and you will be trained as the one who can play against the champions.

Prince 6800 Indoor Table is an indoor table. The box steel apron keeps hold of all the accessories easily so you do not have to gather them after a game is finished. The apron can hold up to 6 balls and 2 rackets on each side so ample space is available.

The table comes in 50% assembled position and you need to invest some of your time to make it ready. The simple set up process does not take much time and you can do it with the help of another person within 2 hours maximum. The parts that come with the package are apron, caster, legs, accessory holder, brackets and pre-drilled holes. However, rackets and table tennis balls are not included in this package.

  • Net and clip set is included in this package, so you will be saving time, energy and money on that purpose. The pro-net and clip set is of good quality and will last you at least a year. It comes with a matt grey finish which is again a sporty colour combination. There are swivel wheels which come with locking casters. It makes the transportation of the table safe and easy.
  • There are leg levellers which help the table to stand on any surface steadily and also it allows players of any height to play on it successfully. There are bumper corners for safety purpose as well.


  • MDF top with great bounce
  • Playback mode
  • Caster wheels
  • Net and clip included


  • Takes time for assembly
  • Net not of supreme quality

Our Comparison- Which table should you buy?

Both Stiga ST3100 and Prince 6800 are professional level tables. They come in preassembled position and need time and energy to make them ready for playing. There are aprons for holding the balls and rackets in Prince but the Stiga one does not have space to hold rackets.

The table top of Stiga is 19 mm and Prince is 18 mm MDF, so the bounce is similar in both the tables. There are leg levellers available in Prince but not in Stiga, though both the tables come with caster locks in wheels to keep it safe in playing position.

  • The net post and clip are included in both the packages and the net quality are moderate, good for the recreational level players.
  • The colour scheme is black and red in Stiga and matt grey in Prince, so both look attractive and nice.
  • Both the tables can be held in playback mode and thus you can play the solo games on them. Also, this is a good position for storage.

We prefer Prince 6800 table over Stiga ST3100 table due to a few reasons. It is more long-lasting and it comes with the leg levellers, and also it has the storage place for the rackets. So you can choose your own table based on the features given here, and we wish you luck.


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