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Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga Advantage – Which One is Winner?

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In this article, we are going to see the two table tennis table Stiga ST3100 and Stiga advantage. The differences between the two will be highlighted with pros and cons.

Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga Advantage Detailed Comparsion

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STIGA Advantage Table

If you’re finding a table tennis table that has a mid-range price and number of features, then the STIGA Advantage is a good choice. let us see some of the features of the table along with the pros and cons.

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If you’ve gone through the table tennis table buying guide then you would be clear that the most important thing to look for in a ping pong table is the thickness. The thicker the surface, more will be the bounce and quality of play.

The STIGA Advantage has a thickness of 16 mm.

Strong durable frame

This table has 1.2 inches (30mm) sturdy legs that are made from steel. These legs are coated with a premium black matte powder which makes it look very good.

The version has quite thick legs that support the extra weight of the table. The legs are of 35 mm and are very strong.

Quick set up

Some table tennis tables might need a lot of time to set up. They arrive completely in open form and you need to put it together. This might take up a lot of time and is very annoying sometimes.

But this case is the complete opposite. It is 95% preassembled and you can start playing with it very easily. You just need to do attach eight bolts to the legs and you are ready to go.

Great portability

When you are deciding which table to buy, an important feature is that it can be stored easily. It has splits that make it very easy to fold it and move it. When you unfold the table from you can use it easily.

Playback position

Another important feature of tables is that you can play in the playback position. By using this feature you can practise alone.


  • The assembly is easy
  • Portable and can be placed anywhere easily.
  • Can be folded easily when not in use
  • Playback mode: to practise alone
  • Net and posts are present
  • Very Affordable and there is good value for money


  • Not so thick
  • Quite heavy

Stiga ST3100

This table is the regulation size indoor table that comes with the apron of 2 inches and playing surface of .75 inches. There are legs of 2 inches in the table.

The table has a stylish black colour and scheme of red colour. There are a lot of extra features in the table tennis table along with net and ball storage.

There are a lot of table tennis tables in the market but we find that the cheap tables do not have such good quality. ST3100 ranks high because it has good quality bounce and durable design.

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So let us have a clear view of the features now:

Assembly and set up

There are a lot of pre-assembled tables, in which only the legs need to be joined. But we see that in this model we need to follow up to 20 steps to assemble the table. Also, the manual is easy to use and very clear.

After the delivery, you might need an hour to assemble it. The table can be folded easily for storage. You can move the table easily as the halves are separated. Also if you want to fit into play position then it is quite difficult to lock it. Otherwise, the folding scheme is quite good.

Thickness quality

One of the important characteristics of the ping pong table is that the table should be thick. The minimum thickness that is required in a ping pong table should be about 15mm to get a good bounce. The serious players should go for a thickness of 19 mm or more. This is because it provides constant bounce.

The Stiga table has a top of 19mm and it is quite suitable for playing. The bounce is quite good and fast.  There is regulation size. One of the features that you need to know is that the tale can be placed in the playback position.

One of the issues that we feel with playing surface is that there is a gap between the sides.

Legs and Undercarriage

Apart from the playing surface, the Stiga ST3100 is a great model that has a 2″ apron, 2″ legs and it also has attractive red brackets that provide extra durability. The table has four 3″ casters that make it easy to move around the table. The table is sturdy and durable, so you don’t need to worry about the table’s longevity.

This is a very heavy model though. The weight is about 200lbs. This is an indoor table – and you should not use it in outdoor conditions or a damp room as the surface might warp.

Other Features

One of the important features of the T8732 is the ball apron. This can hold 12 balls on each side, so can spend less time to chase the balls when you play a match. It would have been even better if there were paddles too, but it might not be a major drawback.

The ping pong table also has a net and post system. This might not be the highest quality net that you get in the market, but it’s not bad either. Serious players can spend a bit extra and buy a competition net set.


One of the best things that will suit you is the price. The 19mm table has a decent bounce and a ball storage apron. The price of the table is reasonable. It is often on sale.


  • The table has a consistent bounce that’s better than most of the tables in this price range.
  • High-quality components are included which increase its durability.
  • Gives excellent playability.


  • Assembly is tough
  • It is quite very heavy
  • There is a gap between the halves of the table.


Both the table are quite good but we recommend you Stiga Advantage. This is because it is preassembled and it can be carried easily. If you see in terms of thickness the model St3100 is better. You can go through the features and buy according to your convenience.

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