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Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga ST4100 Review

Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga ST4100
Written by Jenny

We know that the Stiga ping pong tables are very famous and that these are one of the best tables that users can purchase in terms of quality and play.

Stiga St3100 vs. Stiga St4100 Review

Let us look at the pros and cons of the tables and compare them.

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Stiga St 3100

This table is widely considered by a lot of people and it is seen that the table is best in terms of recreation and is easily available.

This is not because it is regarded to be the sports regulation tale but also because it comes with a warranty of one year. Since this table provides you the ability to play against yourself, therefore it is regarded to be the best in these terms. Moreover, through this, you can improve your game.

Only these features make the table tennis table one of the best options to be on your wish list.


  • The table offers performance storage to the users
  • There is a smooth as well as the durable option of screen stripping available
  • the tabletop is ¾ inches
  • There are net and posts available
  • The casters of 3 inches are there
  • The apron and legs are also 2 inches
  • If the users do not go through the instructions then they might find difficulty in assembling the table. You also need to be sure that the nuts aren’t too tight as they might affect the table while it is being stored.
  • The wheels are large and are 3 inches. This helps in easy rolling and the table can be moved quite easily.
  • The solid framing feature shows that the table is designed in a well-engineered way. The table has a strong surface and this appears to be very strong when it is being assembled. After the wheels are locked the table can resist the movement easily.
  • The table can be used in the playback mode and the users can even play individually. Through this, the users can do the good practice. The table is easy for practicing alone and it improves the play as well.
  • Storage of the table is easy because you can fold it and store it anywhere you want to. You can even keep it in tight places if you wish to do so. Since the tale can be folded, so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Storage: The table also has an apron for the ball storage. This can easily occupy 12 balls on both sides. Most of the tables do not have ball holders and if you are not having this option in your tale then you have to look for it anywhere else.


  • The storage capacity of the table is good.
  • The legs are thick which means they provide good support
  • The playing surface of the table is also good
  • The professional appearance of the table is also very good
  • The table is very easy to fold
  • Rolling is easy because of the casters.


  • Net and posts are not of great quality
  • No balls and pedals are there
  • Stabilizing bars are also there
  • The assembly is quite difficult

Stiga St4100

There are individuals who are willing to get a well-designed model like this. Moreover, the price might be very low for the table but it has brought some issues for some.

The complaints are high for the lower-priced Stiga models.


  • It has aprons for proper ball storage
  • The top is 1 inch
  • The net and posts provide the proper tension
  • The legs are 2 and a half inches
  • The table is sturdy and strong
  • The apron of the table is 2.5 inches
  • The playback position is also there
  • The assembly of the table is among one of the important features. We find that some of the tables have quite tough assembly and it might take some time to assemble these. The assembly of this table is quite easy and it provides a suitable position.
  • Storage of the table is also quite very easy. The table can be easily folded and therefore you can place it anywhere.
  • The table tennis table consists of ball aprons that you can easily use for ball storage. Balls can be easily stored here and so you don’t have to run to find the balls.
  • The single-player option is also available which is very important as users can easily fold the table and play alone. This improves their practice and they don’t need another player for playing.
  • A steel apron is present which helps the table to get extra support. Net and posts also come with the table.


  • Easy assembly
  • Wheels help in moving the table easily
  • The table can be used for playback position and the storage is also easy
  • Net and posts are there
  • Ball holders are present
  • Easy movement


  • Users complaint are seen regarding quality


If the users want easy assembly then they should g for the S4100. But both tables have good features and are of professional level.


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