Stiga STS 520 Review

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The Stiga STS 520 is the latest table in the set of indoor tables. This table is among one of the reasonable tables in the market and along with that it is also having the best value. The brand STIGA is the leading brand among the indoor tables and it is really a prestige if you buy one of those tables that come under this brand. The STIGA brand has been known since 1944.

The STIGA brand also makes the rubbers, tables and tennis bats that are also among one of the popular sports equipment.

Stiga STS 520  Review

The STIGA develops really good and world-class tables that help the tennis layers to evolve and play well the game of table tennis.

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Range of STIGA tables

There are three tables that come in the range of STIGA STS tables. These are STS385, STS 420 and the STS 520. These ranges of table tennis tables are developed for two main purposes that are either for home or for tournaments.The reason why we consider the STIGA tables over the other tables is that it has a lot more features than the other tables in the range.

Now let us see some of the basic features of the model STS 520 which will help us to know more about it and help us decide whether buying it is preferable or not.

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 Stiga STS 520

All the tables that are under the range of the STIGA STS have corners that are having child protection. This is very important if you are playing with the children. This is also necessary to keep them protected if they jump anytime into your game.

  • Another important feature of the STIGA STS is that it has a ball storage solution that is present at each corner of the table. And the ball solution is one of the best solutions that are available in the market.
  • It is a big hassle when you need to pick up the ball every time when it falls down during a game. But this solution will really create a big difference.
  • Losing a point in a game is obvious but you can pick a new ball if you feel to. The tabletop of this table is of clear blue colour and the outlines are white. There are white lines too in the middle of the table. These white lines give more definition to the edges of the table.

The table has a classic quality and is having 1” thick tabletop that is almost similar to what we have in a tournament. The top is having a painted layer that has a protected finish and is smooth too.

Frame and undercarriage of the STIGA STS 520

The undercarriage of the STIGA STS 520 is durable and is 1” thick. The tabletop has been supported with adjustable feet with which you are able to move it on uneven floors. The frame is heavy and is strong enough that you can use it to support the playing area.

 STS 520 lockable wheels

The legs of the STIGA table are foldable and they are available with feet levellers that are used in the garage community. The wheels that provided to you are lockable and they have smooth solution along which helps you to use them easily and pack them.

  • The table is smooth and you can play on it like a pro. It is very exciting to see your table actually looking so beautiful. If you are not a professional then this might excite you and you might wish to play for hours on the go.
  • You need to become an expert and then you can have a really good impression on your friends and family.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of the table.


  • It has a stylish ball holder.
  • The legs are foldable.
  • The tabletop is coated with clear blue colour.
  • There is a clip and a net post.
  • There are lockable wheels.
  • It is for home or for competitive purposes.
  • It is of one of the popular brands
  • Great value.
  • Superb design.
  • Awesome quality.


  • It almost takes up an hour to assemble it.
  • Not an outdoor table.

Storage solution

This solution is one of the best storage solutions that are available in the market.

Let us have a look at some of the reviews by the users.

  • The finish damages easily after some time.
  • It is a heavier table.
  • Looks are awesome but the table is of wood so to assemble it you require two people.
  • The table lasts very long.



The STIGA STS 520 is one of the professional indoor tables that have a superior tabletop with all-rounder material. It has child protected corners and with a good solution. The table is mainly for professionals and not for beginners. You can have a good game with this table.

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