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STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket Review

The Stiga Supreme is the third fastest prefabricated racket from Stiga, with Evolution and Pro Carbon in front.  Stiga Supreme is equipped with 2mm sponge, 6-layer ultra-light blade, tube technique and stiga's unique crystal technology to increase the blade surface for faster speed.

The racket uses Stiga's “future” rubber and is glued to the ultra-light 6-layer blade in an inverted manner. This means that the flank of the rubber sticks to the rest of the blade and the smooth side is in contact with the ball. Supreme is very lightweight, only 4.6 ounces, which is very obvious for players who are used to heavy paddles.

Stiga Supreme is sold on for affordable price. This puts it on the cheap side of the prefabricated racket with Stiga Apex and Stiga Titan. Stiga created the bat for novice players who have begun to take their game seriously. It is a performance-average all-round bat.




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STIGA Supreme Table

Tennis Racket made with ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play

STIGA Supreme Review Full review and Specs

The beginners who love to play in the shakehand style will surely have heard or used Stiga supreme table tennis racket. The paddle or racket is famous for offering perfect dexterity and comfort while playing the games. The uniqueness of the paddle comes from the surface which is designed inverted way. The rubber used in it is of high quality, and it is built using ACS technology, which helps the paddle to reach ITTF grade. Great control over the grip and ball makes Stiga supreme a superb paddle. One can feel the difference of this one with other contemporary products after playing with this paddle.

The blade is lightweight as it is built with extra light 6 ply woods. The soft 2 mm sponge holds the ball for longer times and grip helps the player to beat the opponent. Increased speed and control with less woody feel help the player to play comfortably.

The middle veneer of the paddle is built with micro-channels and the channels, filled with different items give the Stiga supreme paddle unique force. There is crystal technology used in treatment of the paddle which needs the transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer. It differentiates this paddle from its competitors.

The paddle is best used for blocking and defensive playing. The player can return the ball with force with Stiga supreme paddle. The lower speed of this racket, you will be able to keep the ball on the table for longer time and gain needed confidence while hitting the ball. It will help you when you are a beginner at defensive playing.  This paddle is good for gaining confidence and authority over the ping pong game, when you are getting trained for the professional level play.

Quick summary

 Stiga Supreme will not give you a quick speed or a lot of spins. It does not apply to advanced or even intermediate players. It gives you great control. Those who have just started to enjoy table tennis will get the most out of this racket.

Manufacturer function

STIGA is one of the best racket manufacturers there. Their outstanding customer support and superior product quality make their customers satisfied.

These are the specifications mentioned on

• Rubber: the opposite of ACS technology in the future

• Handle: Anatomical Italian composite with WRB system

• Sponge: 2.0 mm


Supreme is made of 6 layers of wood using STIGA's Crystal Tech and Tube technology. This combination produces extremely light blades. At 140 grams, you can hardly feel it.

The “future” inverted rubber combined with a soft 2 mm sponge keeps the ball for a longer period of time and improves control.

Designed for players with a more defensive style, it is best for blocking and passing the ball back to the table.

Playing Test

When you use it to spin the ball in your hand, you will find it gives you a crisp feeling when it comes into contact with the ball. It's very light and has a nice sweet click ball. This is very impressive when you are playing close to the table, it can produce a lot of speed while maintaining good control.

Even if you try to stay away from the table, it can still produce a fairly low arc, especially when you play loops with your opponent. For you to use this racket to perform this type of competition on the desktop, this will not require a lot of effort. You can also check another  review such as killerspin jet 400 , killerspin jet800 and killerspin revolution which are also considered as best ping pong paddles.

This racket is made with the most advanced WRB technology. The main feature of this technology is that it provides a great balance of weight for those who hold the blade. It provides good contact between the rubber and the ball. In addition, it provides players with an additional recovery rate. The lightweight characteristics of the blade increase the recovery rate each time the stroke is taken.

The design and development of the STIGA Supreme paddle focuses on defending players. If you are an offensive player, the racket may be too light for you to hold. Despite this, the racket can provide good control for the player, and some people may find that it does not provide them with sufficient speed and strength. However, for the price you pay, it is worth the value you get with it. If you are an advanced player, of course this paddle may not be as affordable as you want.

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  • Pros

    • Lightweight - only 4.6 ounces
    • Good control and defense attributes
    • Price
    • Comfortable design
    • Good beginner paddle


    • Not suitable for offensive players
    • Insufficient strength


    The advantage of the racket is its light weight and good control. It is ideal for developing good technology and learning to always put the ball on the table.

    Compared to its brothers Apex and Titan, it is definitely among the best. But when you fight Pro Carbon or Evolution, it has no chance. Intermediate players or above should not even consider it.

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