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Stiga Titan Table Tennis Racket Review

Stiga Titan is one of the many table tennis bats made by the Swedish company Stiga, one of the world's leading table tennis brands. They have five prefabricated rackets and are also approved by the ITTF, which means they can be used for competitions.

The Stiga Titan is equipped with 2mm "Stiga Stream" ITTF certified inverted rubber with a 5-layer lightweight blade. Since this racket is aimed at the novices, it pays more attention to control and technology than strength.

Stiga Titan Review

One of the more important things about table tennis is the ability to read the incoming rotation and then be able to fight it against the situation. Increasing the grip on the Stiga Titan gives you more control over the rotation and helps build the right foundation.

The sponge on this racket is really the only drawback we can see. But since it is designed for beginners and focuses on speed and rotation, we don't see intermediate or expert players buying it. If shredding is an important part of your game, this may not be for you.





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Stiga Titan

Ultimate Professional Ping Pong Paddle 

In general, Stiga Titan is a good starter and won't cost you so much. If it is not a sponge, you can choose it. As a beginner racquet, you can't expect it. If you are thinking about playing table tennis seriously, Stiga Titan is not a good choice because you need to change the racket immediately. STIGA Titan is one of the best pre-made paddles for beginners. It's inexpensive and gives players excellent control.

Manufacturer function Review

STIGA is one of the best  tennis equipment companies around 70 years. They use many commercial technologies to achieve the highest quality of their products. These are some of the specifications listed on their website:

  • Rubber: Triumph Down Championship Rubber
  • Handle: Concave Italian composite with WRB system
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Blade: Balsa Tech's 5-layer ultra-light blade

The paddle is made of the 5 layers of light wood light wood made of STIGA crystal technology. This will harden the surface of the blade and increase speed.

It features a concave Italian composite handle that is very comfortable and light. In addition, the bat uses STIGA's custom-made Triumph inverted rubber, which is approved by the ITTF to provide a large amount of rotation. It is not the best rubber, but it provides a lot of control for beginners. These components make the racket very light - only 158 grams - allowing you to play for long periods of time without being exhausted.


  • Very good control
  • Some rotation
  • Great value


  • Slow


When learning the basics, it is important to accurately place the ball at the beginning. This paddle has no problem in this regard. Due to the low quality of the sponge and the blade, the speed of the racket is not very fast, which is very useful for novices to learn the correct stroke mechanism.

The price is where the bat really shines. This is a cheap paddle that provides enough spin to learn different services, enough power to put the ball on the other side without much effort and excellent control to improve your shooting safety.


This is a slow paddle. You won't be the next table tennis champion. It does not apply to intermediate or advanced players. This is a perfect racket for players who are just beginning to take table tennis seriously.

Some users have reported some quality issues but STIGA's premium customer service is definitely not a problem.


STIGA Titan is a budget table tennis bat with a great price. It allows players to learn the correct batting action and gain confidence in their abilities.

If you are just starting to play games and want to improve quickly, then this should be a good first paddle. Because of its light weight, you can practice longer without feeling tired.

It goes without saying that this is not a paddle for intermediate or advanced players. STIGA Pro Carbon should be taken into consideration by those who want to carry out smaller skills and move to the next level - The best pre-processed wires for rotation and rotation.

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