STIGA Vapor Review Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis

A regulation-sized outdoor table which is durable and will offer you many facilities that an officially recognized competition level table can offer are the summer up the definition of STIGA Vapor outdoor table tennis table. This table can easily be called the champion among the rest of the outdoor tables. This is the table which can accompany you while you are planning to play with your family and colleague as it has the right amount of sensibility and tenacity to pull off all the seasons.

STIGA Vapor Ping Pong table:

  • This table is portable enough to carry it outside the houses when you need to play the game of table tennis, and compactly fold it up and store it inside the house when the weather is harsh. It can face different climatic conditions and acts weatherproof, rustproof and versatile way.
  • No deformity will appear in the table after long days of use. The rustproof powder covering in the metal undercarriage makes it a great choice for all-weather outdoor table tennis playing.
  • The durability of the table lets you play rough games for years to come and you will not be let down by the strength of this branded table tennis table.
  • The folding table looks pretty and cute with a blue top. The composite of aluminium and plastic makes the frame a hard one so it gets a long life and you get the value of your money back.
  • There is no tilting when you open it and start to play. Thus you can count this table to be a sturdy and steady, dependable, solid table for table tennis. The unexpected climatic condition and rough playing experience will not be able to destroy the table in any way.
  • The steel legs of Stiga Vapor table tennis table comes equipped with leg leveller which helps to stand the table steadily on any kind of place at outdoor or indoor. The bounce of the game will never be disturbed by the tilting of the table on any surface.
  • The height of the table shoal is regular 6mm and it is covered with blue paint and silkscreen. The white tournament line makes it one of the best choices for competitions.
  • Installation is an easy process, it barely takes a few minutes and you can do it without having much knowledge of technicality. The table comes 90% preassembled to make the installation process easier for the users. You have to join the wheels to the legs and flip the table. The net is there and you can start playing right then. The net has few braces which connect it to the table.
  • This is such a compact table that you will love it all the more. There is no issue of haggling wheels like other table tennis tables. You can lock the components that are accessible on the underside. The coasters have locks to bolt the wheels and so it will not slide away or flop down when you are in the middle of a game.
  • This table is portable as we have mentioned earlier. The moving of the table is even easier as it is foldable too. The great deal about this table is you can fold it and pass it through any staircase or hallway or a narrow door comfortably, which will not be the case of a large regular sized table tennis table. The entryways are mostly not sufficiently big to make way for some large-sized furniture as well, but the table in folded condition can be passed through anywhere.
  • The folding part can also allow you to play solo. So you do not always need an accomplice to start your game.
  • The 15-inch steel made smocks are great for running the table edge and also provides additional help to keep the table intact after many games. We have mentioned that the leg has leveller and the wheels can be locked but do not worry of flipping the table down for the overpowered breeze. The materials that are used to make this table are sturdy enough so the table will not flip over due to overbalancing.
  • This is a lightweight table and it weighs only 140 pounds. This makes the table easily portable.
  • The strong and tough Stiga Vapor table gives you the edgy feels while playing. The frame feels sturdy and solid and it will not wobble like any other cheaper counterparts of it.  It is actually ready for the aggressively played competition level games. The bounce is not so great though. As the surface is weather-resistant and aluminium composite made, it results in less bounce which may affect your playing experience. You will surely not be getting the MDF material made indoor table tennis table’s bounce from it. But it is great as a mid-range outdoor table anytime.


  • Leg levellers
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact and portable
  • Locked wheel
  • Foldable
  • Solo playing facility
  • Weatherproof aluminium composite surface
  • Rustproof powder-coated undercarriage


  • Less bounce
  • No ball or paddle within the package


The Stiga Vapor outdoor table tennis table is a great one in the perspective of fittings, longevity and steadiness. The bounce is a problem and the lightweight body can sometimes create an issue while the outside is windy.  But this is a favourite choice of many aspiring professionals. For the amateur level, this is one of the best outdoor tables.


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