Table Tennis Training Robot V989e

Table tennis robot is a programmable device that will help you to get trained in playing the table tennis game. The table tennis robot includes the following:

  • This robot has 40+ poly balls.
  • There is a net which will help you to return the balls easily in the robot tray.
  • There are 150 training balls.
  • There is a ball catcher that will pick the balls that are on the floor.
  • There is a 3-year warranty.

Table Tennis Training Robot V989e Review & buyer Guide

Let us now look at some of the specifications of the robot.

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  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Net weight: 15 kg
  • Dimensions: 107.5 x 55.5 x 51cm
  • Frequency: 25-95 ball/min
  • Speed: 4-50 m/second
  • Range: 0-4 degree adjustable range
  • Modes: programmable to 11 different positions


  • This model has the ability to produce dead balls
  • Programmed for different spots


You get a three-year warranty for this robot. As this robot is advanced and it has great durability, therefore, you can get the problems solved easily by the technicians. The technical support will only be provided to you as long as the robot is owned by you.

  • In the first year, if any issues are there then the robot can be sent to the Y&T department in San Francisco. The replacements done will be shipped back to you.
  • In the second and third year of the product, the replacement parts will be sold.

Return Policy

If you do not find the robot suitable then you can return it within 30 days. If there is any damage then you will be charged for it.

The Review

  • The training heads develop strong spin.
  • There is no programmability for different spins.


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