The Best Ping Pong Balls (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Ping Pong Balls
Written by Rakel

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are a professional individual or not, in any case, we can’t say anything yet you will for the most part will lose your Ping-Pong balls. Nowadays pretty much every table tennis is furnished with at least two ping pong balls. Nonetheless, some accompany their own restrictions and can’t hold for long without dismantling shape or even cracked down. While others are lightweight, some can’t bounce well as they should.

This can make you go out and purchase new sets of balls with some modest and reasonable tennis balls you can put money on. All things considered, it is your privilege and decision yet from an expert perspective, I wouldn’t encourage you to do that. In spite of these balls looking the equivalent consistently realize that ping pong balls come in various structures in quality. So probably on the off chance that you get some cheap and, modest quality ping Pong ball, you will get disinterested from the game. We as a whole never want that, isn’t that so?

Here is a guide that will lead you to the best ping pong balls accessible and what to consistently search for before purchasing any. Table Tennis has a long-standing history and its history incorporates every one of its adornments that have constantly finished the game.

Put the above focuses into contemplations at that point say thanks to me later in light of the fact that you will have been equipped for obtaining best quality ping pong balls to play excellent table tennis match-ups.

Ping Pong Balls

Purpose uses of PING PONG BALLS

Extensively, the table tennis balls can be gathered into three classifications:

Balls for competition purpose

Much the same as the name recommends, these balls are utilized in tournaments and other elevated level competitions. These balls are costlier yet offer top tier execution, consistent with universal norms.

The balls are set apart with ’40+’ superficially and are affirmed by ITTF.

Search for: 3-star 40+ balls

Balls for training purpose

These balls normally come in enormous boxes and are primarily utilized for multi-ball practicing. You may have seen one of the mentors in your nearby club, encouraging these balls during training drills. Training balls are less expensive, however the quality is lower in contrast to competition balls. Training balls are lighter and offer normal bounce.

Search for: 2-star balls

Recreational Balls

On the off chance that you’re searching for balls for normal and recreational reason, at that point these are your balls to consider. They are ideal for the sake of entertainment games at home or in any event, for beer pong. These balls are very light, made of more slender material, offer beneath normal bounce, and may not be superbly round. Be that as it may, they are damn modest to buy.


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STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

You can say anything you desire, however three beginning balls are as a matter of course predominant for immovability. Furthermore, STIGA 3-Star here shows a similar enchantment in your competitions. You will discover these in both orange and white shadings for nearly a similar value go. These will help you have a perfect bounce and extraordinary spin in play.

Contrasted with the one star balls, these are certainly of high caliber and execution. The weight is immaculate with a heavier check than different balls. Have confidence, ball travel is rapid enough and it bends very a lot after the bounces. Price value OK on the wallet as well.

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On the off chance that you love playing each day on your game table, these balls are less inclined to disappoint you. Discussing the shading, orange is by all accounts a superior decision, since white balls are once in a while imperceptible or difficult to see off the table. With respect to the size of the ball, you may think that it’s somewhat greater from you recently utilized ones. In any case, that ought not to be an issue too.


  • Passes the Firmness Check
  • Accompanies No Visible Seam
  • Seen as Fairly Durable
  • USATT affirmed and ITTA Regulation Sized


  • Except if you get fooled with a phony arrangement of STIGA 3-Star, no issues should cause you to gripe. Once more, I have seen individual players being cranky on the wobble issue. Along these lines, better watch that all alone.

KEVEN Z 3-Star 40mm Orange Balls pack of 50 balls

We can say that Durable, consistent and wobble free – that is all which imprint for the best quality. All things considered, Keven Z makes their balls under exacting supervision to get these highlights. These three star balls are solid in development and don’t split before a huge number of hits. In any case, a little container holds 50 pcs of balls for you.

Also, every one of these balls are alright for multi-ball practicing in any case, table tennis robots, normal local competitions and so forth. In any event, when you play other than table tennis with your pets, it will adore these balls as well. Keven’s predominant spin, extraordinary bounce, and superb control guarantee a serenity in your game.

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The balls will assist you with getting a charge out of the game regardless of on the off chance that you are an expert or learner in the ping pong field. The hardness of the balls is to some degree higher than different balls in a similar value run. These are solid regarding size and shape. Have confidence, they are will not wobble when spun.


  • Consummately Round fit as a shape
  • Doesn’t Wobble When Spun
  • Solid and Hard Enough
  • Predictable Bounce and Spin


  • Not an awful arrangement by any stretch of the imagination! Be that as it may, the plastic utilized in development could be better. You can likewise get a couple of pieces short on conveyance. Aside from these, you have no other factors to despise these balls.

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Balls – 3 Star

Newer people may think about how to articulate Xushaofa effectively, yet allows simply abandon that for the present. It is another three-star ball with the just about five-star rating from my prospective. The consistent ball consolidates poly plastic material which stands more solid than traditional celluloid ones.

Its momentous development innovation offers more bounce exactness, and keep it reliable. You can have staggering twist and almost 85% precision. In any case, the speed is normal. The shell is appropriately firm, however you are allowed to bore gaps in them

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Beginner players making arrangements for genuine practice sessions would find this astounding. Cannot tell in the event that it is really 100% round or not. In any case, I would inclined to state, it is about in the ideal shape. Solidness is reasonable, as it will in general last longer than the normal plastic balls in the market. These are delicate as eggs and are helpless against pressure – this gossip ought to get some rest.


  • Perfectly Round fit as a shape
  • Really Seamless in the Middle
  • Firm Enough for the Play
  • Have a Sensible Price


  • The Xushaofa 40+ appears to beat other plastic and celluloid made balls in the solidness run. You may see the irregularity in balls in a set, yet it is the consistent poly balls you could get. You can escape contemplating it twice.

Franklin Sports 1 Star Balls

Franklin Sports 1 Star Ball are 1-star quality balls from Franklin permits scope for normal play and practice sessions. These are altogether made in China, and arrives in a pack of 18, 36 and containing a couple of more sets. You get official ITTF 40-mm size and 2.6g to 2.9g weight. Also, you can utilize them for a complex of purposes. Drop them on the table or let them move for your pets game activity.

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Having trust in individuals is great, yet not to be tricked by its commercial. Particularly, when it says to hold those highlights of top notch balls. They can at present give reliable bounce and exact twists inside their range. The fact of the matter is, that won’t be tantamount to the 2-star or 3-star evaluation ball’s units.

You can look at this among other 1-start balls, yet don’t anticipate something exceptional. Just if the desire is leveled out, you won’t need to be pitiful. Offers an incredible cost for a heap of balls in bounty.


  • Consistent Round Shape
  • No Problem at the Cost
  • Works Okay with Little Bounce


  • Thus, the equivalent applies to what I said before on STIGA 1-Star balls. As a rule, these two – in a steady progression – are the best one-star balls out there for you. It won’t be reasonable in the event that you state these have bombed your expectations.

GOGO 3-Star Balls

These balls are generally used in learning sessions to professional competitions. The enormous measured toothpaste like box contains 6 balls for every tube. Also, you can have orange or white however purchase those you see fit. The producer made these for ball machines flexibility. In this way, regardless of on the off chance that you are having these for club practicing or family occasions, you’ll appreciate an inside and out play.


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This excellent table tennis ball permits unswerving bounce, wonderful control and longer volleys in play. Its celluloid material causes it getting lightweight, springy and strong. A typical thing everyone evades about this GoGo balls is its development in boxes. Presently, you don’t need to convey a lot of balls in a single box inside and out.

At whatever point you are out of the house, simply pack in a cylinder or two for your competitions. You’ll have about six balls in each tasteful looking paper box. Bits of gossip are live whether GOGO 3-Stars are ITTF endorsed or not, however the prevalent quality beats them all.


  • Useful for All-round Play
  • Superb on Ball Machines
  • Similarly Cooler Bounce
  • Reasonably Priced for the Quality


  • I’m not one-sided, yet the GOGO worked superbly on this balls. There is definitely not a solitary grumbling that can be expressed as a disadvantage. Or maybe some state, it’s a three-star ball with five-star quality.

iPong Ball Set (100 Count, 2-Star Quality) – Orange

At any rate, these are 100-tally two star and orange shaded plastic balls, and iPong is a genuine brand in table tennis gear. Be that as it may, you can’t expect much from these.

At the cost you pay, iPong balls may unquestionably reimburse. Be that as it may, being two star balls, these are not the incredible balls to play real games. Other than the reality, iPong accompanies a hundred plastic balls in a reusable convey case. For training sessions, they are modest enough to keep your wallet quiet.

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Ball shape and development is alright. Furthermore, works okay with ball machines, particularly on the off chance that it is an iPong mentor robot. Balls may not fly like ITTF affirmed balls, so on the off chance that you are purchasing balls for genuine competitions, avoid these ones.


  • Works Best with iPong Equipments
  • Prescribed for Solo Practices
  • Reasonable Quality at the Cost


  • At times, you may get not exactly a hundred balls – that is ungainly. Normally not great as three-star balls. I won’t prescribe on the off chance that you are not purchasing for training and moderate game purposes.

EastPoint Sports 40mm Balls

These decent and firm out of the container balls are bouncy and of pro level use. With the official size and weight, Eastpoint gives steady bounce and spin. What else do you anticipate from a table tennis ball? On the off chance that you have purchased this for your pet, it will be cheerful as hell. You will discover it pursuing the ball moving like there’s no tomorrow! At that point on the off chance that it is for your game, you are going to be happy also.

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EastPoint balls drop somewhat more and are equipped for taking hard pummels. You get a decent cost for strong bits of spheres. Play seven days per week, and Eastpoint balls could withstand your beating constantly. Responsiveness and speed go as they should, though balls are formally dressed impeccably.

Keeps going long enough, whenever contrasted with other three star balls in the market. Bounce appears to be reliable and the ball goes to and fro rapidly. The Chinese fabricated balls offer amazing sturdiness and spin. Besides, they will in general drop somewhat more.


  • Extraordinary Deal and Good Quality
  • Decent Plastic Material
  • Fits Properly in Solo Cup


  • Balls couldn’t go into your ball tossing robot by and large. Be that as it may, that isn’t the standard with the item. So you can arrange them in any case for your forthcoming competitions.

Killerspin 2-Star 6-Pack Balls

Killerspin 2-Star 6-Pack Balls really helps to improve your game. You have to pound heaps of balls. In this way, how about we go financially while purchasing table tennis stuff. Killerspin 2-Star balls are one of those couple of to outperform Stiga balls. Having that stated, the 2-star balls are accessible in both white and orange shades. In addition, the quality is sufficient for training and practicing out sessions.

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The quality balls permit brilliant spin and bounce, so you can concentrate on the game, and not on the ball. As these are made to take torments, you don’t need to gauge your hits. They are strong and hearty to make a mark.

You get more at the cost it takes; more in the feeling of value, not amount. In the event that you have chosen to go for a two-star balls pack, remember to consider this one until further notice. Who knows, perhaps you would experience passionate feelings for it.


  • Approval at the Cost
  • Immaculate on Training Sessions
  • All-round Great Two Start Ball


  • Tired of telling a similar old crap; 2-star balls are never proportional to 3-stars’. Be that as it may, there are levels of value in every one of the beginning reviewed balls. What’s more, Killerspin didn’t settle on that. 

STIGA 1-Star Balls (38 Pack)

Presence of mind murmurs, one star balls hold up behind three-star ones in quality. I accept the equivalent as well. Be that as it may, these 40-mm guideline estimated balls are the best of their sorts. Here STIGA offers 38 pieces standard gauged balls in a pack of the white or orange alternative.

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Try not to expect an excessive amount of when you are having normal evaluation ping pong balls coming in. These, indeed, are not made for expert or competition class play. Or maybe, you may have these for your family excitement matches. Strikingly, these balls are probably going to endure various couples of games. Simply verify that you don’t hit it excessively hard.

Be that as it may, once more, in the event that one of you hits it extremely hard, it won’t endure any longer. In the event that you need balls in mass inside a tight cost, go get this pack. These exist as the widely appealing practice balls for amateurs. What’s more, the incentive at the cost you pay is green as well. Wrapping up, STIGA 1-Star is modest and low-quality practice balls all things considered.


  • More Balls at Lesser Price
  • No Seams to Interrupt Bounce
  • OK for Beginner Practices


  • Since these are each of the one stars, I would propose not to expect more than what you have paid the cost. It is in every case better to go with three-star evaluation balls.

STIGA 1-Star Multicolor Balls (6 Pack)

Before we move further on and make an undeniable remark, these multi-colour balls are made for recreational play. The 6-pieces set includes 1-star ping pong balls in excellent shades. In spite of meeting the guidelines by ITTF for size and weight, these are not yet official for competitions play. Be that as it may, bounce consistency hits 7 out of 10 with a general rating score 8 out of 10 points.

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In the event that you have children in your home, they will cherish this set. Also, you have choices left to browse the shading varieties it offers. Intending to allow your pets play with these adorable looking balls? All things considered, completely fine.

STIGA 1-Star Multicolour can continue a long time of utilization, if not stepped on. With the essential highlights, the set is a finished enjoyment for family diversions. Remember to look at the notice however.


  • More Colours, Pure Fun
  • Reasonable One Start Package
  • Incredible trophy for Cats
  • Advantageous Spin and Control


  • The ball contains a hurtful synthetic that is known for causing disease and something to that effect. Along these lines, you got the chance to wash your hands altogether after you play with these balls. This is as per the territory of California’s exploration. In any case, once more, who needs potential dangers?

Buying Guide and The most effective method to Choose Best Ping pong Balls

Coming up next are a portion of the elements to consider while picking the best ping pong balls.

What Is It Made Of?

Generally balls are made from Celluloid and polystyrene however balls made of polystyrene are standard ones. Those made of poly are well disposed to the environment and shipped effectively. Two star balls mid-range quality and firmer in contrast with one-star ball. They improve your game and for ball practice, they are exceptionally perfect.

3-star balls have solidness and quality that are high. This is a competitive tournaments they are endorsed.

What Colour Do I Need?

Yellow and white are the shades that are acknowledged in competitive plays that are written under rule book but for typical fun games; you are allowed to pick any shading you wish. For whatever length of time that it is a shading that is obvious to you.

Ping-Pong balls rating framework

At the point when you wish to purchase ping pong balls as you pass by means of the considerable number of choices you will arrive at a notice that each all has a rating. This arrangement of rating comprises of rating stars to the ball. This implies a ball that is appraised three stars is of high caliber. Then again, a ball that is 1 star evaluated, then clearly implies that is of low quality. A ton of tennis table players has special for the ping Pong balls that are 3 stars evaluated to play substantial rounds of table tennis.

Ping pong balls that are a couple of stars evaluated, ordinarily they are utilized for training sessions. Different balls that are not appraised at all can even now be utilized to rehearse as well. For simple saying that on the off chance that you don’t realize which ball to pick, here is a rundown of contemplations that I have included for you to take a consideration at;

  • Balls that are appraised 1 star are excessively delicate and never firm as well. They are convenient for levels of ping pong children or players that are beginners.
  • Balls used for training or practice balls have no arrangement of rating by any stretch of the quality. It is this sort of balls that amateurish players or unprofessional players go for. These bundles of ping pong are lightweight and never tough. Set out to hit them very hard and see them break into little pieces.
  • Novelty balls have no appraising of stars anyway individuals rate them extremely hard from delicate. Again they are not for proficient players yet just to play in for friendly purpose. Competitive plays ought to never utilize these balls and furthermore, they are stuffed in sixes.

Quality Check Guide

There are a few tests you can do to confirm the quality:

  • Hardness Test – Press the ball with your fingers solidly in various zones. A normal 3-star won’t distort, however on the off chance that it does this implies the ball is of low quality. From 1 to 2 star balls, you would aspect be able to slight disfigurement, yet it ought not be long lasting. In the event that it permanently distorts, at that point it’s not of good quality.
  • Spin Test – Put the ball over the ping pong table and spin it. Concentrate on the highest point of the ball. On the off chance that you see the ball is wobbling, it implies that the ball isn’t flawlessly adjust. For 3-star ball this is unsatisfactory thing, however for 1 to 2-star ball slight wobbling is worthy.


A consistent seamless ball compliments a table tennis ball. That is a reality you can’t flee from. Such sort of balls doesn’t break effectively because of their polystyrene material. Balls will low quality will consistently have a 2 and underneath star rating. Continuously be watchful for such low appraisals. Significant expense likewise once in a while never appear to great quality. From our main 10 table tennis balls, I settle with the Xushaofa 40+ for both learner and expert level players. Treating these balls with most extreme consideration will make them last more. In conclusion consistently take your inclination while picking a ball. A ball could be appraised with a 3-star or more however isn’t intended for you. Being alright with your ball decision is the secret to an agreeable game day.

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