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Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Speaking about indoor games, the first thing that pops in our mind is the Table Tennis. It is a favorite indoor sport of almost every individual, be it for professional practice or just enjoying hitting the ping pong ball back and forth with your friends and family members.

The Viper Arlington Table tennis table is one such finest invention dedicated for the table tennis fun lovers and inter-mediate players packed in with lots of amazing features at the cheapest price.

Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Review

Design Pattern

The table mostly comes in bold attractive colors like Red and Black instead of the basic blue and green colors. It is meant for indoor use only featuring a 5/8 inches MDF table top with a solid construction pattern holding the table firmly. The entire table has a length, breadth, and height of 170 inches, 60 inches, and 30 inches respectively. It is encased in a solid steel frame of 1 ¼ inch. It consists of 8 wheels among which 4 can be locked and the other 4 featuring 2 inches rubber wheels helps the entire structure to move freely over flat areas like wood, carpet or floor. The legs of the table are extremely adjustable to fit it perfectly as per the requirement.


The assembly of the table is quite easier and can be done within half an hour due to its simpler construction.

Most Highlighted Features

The three most attractive quality that makes the table best for indoor use are:-

1. Comes at a very cheaper price of within $500 which is hard for other brands offering the same features.

2. Mostly all table tennis tables follow the basic design pattern but this table tennis table comes in black table top with bright red edges making it look highly attractive along with 1 ¼ inches square legs which are larger compared to other models providing better stability.

3. The table is bisected into two parts and each of them can be moved around with individual setup.

Storage and Movabiltity

The entire setup offers easy storage facility as the two halves of the tables are quite flexible to be folded facing each other and can be rolled easily to carry them at their storage position. The folding facility of each half along with the long resistant net also facilitates the individuals with solo practice.

Security Features

Among the 8 rollable wheels of 2 inches each available in the table, 4 of them can be locked which helps in placing the table properly and also stores the current playing mode of the game.


1. The net clamps of the table do not follow the screwed pattern due to which the tables are more flexible to be folded quickly in less time.

2. It offers better stability with bigger table legs available at cheaper price and quality construction material compared to other models.

3. The instruction manual associated with the table tennis table is written precisely which helps the consumers to follow easily.

4. The table is very easy to drag from one position to another by an individual and even by a small child.

Consumers Review

The product has received lots of positive reviews from millions of customers having an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Users love the flexible setup of this table tennis table followed by a solid steel construction at a cheaper price of $500 range which is nearly impossible for any other model with the same facilities.

What we like about it: 

Viper Arlington Table Tennis table is perfect for family gathering indoor games or to have fun with friends on any occasion or just for solo practice giving you the best enjoyable experience at a cheaper price. 

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