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Viper Maverick Foosball Table Review

In this article, we will discuss the reviews on the Viper Maverick Foosball Table. This is the newest foosball table and we regard it as the best table. The table is better than the Sheffield foosball table too. The table is found to be durable and along with that, you can play easily on it for a number of hours. This table is specially made for players who love playing it as a hobby, and therefore you will be able to get great gameplay.

Viper Maverick Foosball Table

You can easily see that the table is made for the ho by players. This is because it has 4 cup holders in it. Two cup holders are there on each end. You can also find the scoring beads in the middle. The table will help you to get counterbalanced players that is a very important thing. As like the Sheffield foosball table this table also has leg levellers. Due to these, you are able to play easily even on uneven surfaces. You might face some issues with the scorer, but it is not a big deal and you will fix it easily.

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These tables are the best if you wish to reunite and play with your colleagues, your mates and have fun in your free time. The table has been made from very high-quality mahogany. It has a scratch-resistant surface. These tables are a good way to pass your time having fun and not get bored. You can think of playing with them when the weather is not so good and you have to stay inside.

Viper Maverick Foosball Table Features

Let us now have a look at some of the features of the table. After that, we will look at the specifications.

  • The table will give you good gameplay and the table is long-lasting so you don’t need to worry about it. It will last longer. The table is built like a tank. The table had a one-inch-thick cabinet that is made of mahogany. There are moulded legs and steel rods that support the table. There is a thermoplastic surface of ¾ inches. This will provide you with great durability. The table is counterbalanced and has quick-grip handles. These help to give you a free play and accelerate your reactions. The Maverick streamline has s great design and it has no visible bolts.
  • There is a cabinet made of mahogany. This cabinet of 1”.
  • There is a ¾ inches thick thermoplastic play surface. This surface is scratch-resistant. This surface provides you protection and it also gives you ultimate gameplay.
  • There are hidden leg bolts and it has a streamlined design.
  • There are counterbalanced Robo men, and these help you to get a free play.
  • You can leave men on one side and on the other side you can attend the action of the play.
  • There are grip handles which will help you to speed up your gaming easily.
  • There are goal boxes which are finished well, along with that there are Steel backplates which tell you easily about the shot that is hit.
  • There are removable cup holders which are in a number of four. These will add convenience and help you in cleaning up
  • There are 4 leg boots for levelling the table.
  • There are 4 soccer balls.


  • The table helps to have counterbalanced players
  • It has leg levellers.
  • It is highly durable


  • Quality might not be that good.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The table is strong and durable.
  • To some users, the cup holders were missing.


The table helps you to play easily at a time when you are getting bored. The table is highly durable and will last very long. You don’t need to worry about the durability, the table is made of best quality mahogany. Try this table and you will find playing with it very fun and interesting.


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