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How To Weatherproof A Ping Pong Table Easily At Home (DIY)

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In this article we will discuss the outdoor tables and why they need to be weatherproofed. The most important segment will be how to convert the indoor ping pong tables into the outdoor tables?

How To Weatherproof Ping Pong Tables At Home

Let’s get started with the information on this topic.

How To Weatherproof A Ping Pong Table Easily At Home

Before you get to buy the outdoor ping pong tables it is important for the users to know the difference in the outdoor and indoor tables.

The outdoor table is similar to the indoor table. Both the tables have same size and regulations. The height, the net a d the dimensions are also similar. One advantage that you will find in the outdoor tables is that you get more space to play outside than inside. Even if you have a small garden you will get plenty of space there.

But when it comes to competition level, for sure table tennis is an indoor game. Even if there is a small wind then the trajectory of the ping pong table can get affected. This is because it is very light in weight. Therefore, it is felt that outdoor games with the ping pong table are not justified. There are certain damp patches that you get to see on the table and it can affect the bounce.

There are a lot of differences in the outdoor ping pong tables and the indoor ping pong tables. Mostly, the outdoor tables are made by using a combination of wood, metal and a weatherproof coating. This weatherproof coating can protect the ping pong table from wind, sun and water.

This also affects the bounce of the ping pong table. Outdoor playing surfaces tend to absorb more amount of energy from the ball and as a result, the game is very slow.

There are a lot of people who play table tennis outside. Of the bounce is slow or lower it does not affect the recreational players. And there are a lot of tables that have this issue.

Outdoor games are real fun, this is because there is extra space and the users can socialize more. There are a lot of tables that are installed in the parks and the different spaces around the world. A lot of have concrete tops with extra durability. But you cannot be always with the mercy of the weather. To get a proper game you cannot stop the wind or the rain.


Weatherproof Ping Pong Tables

So to get most out of your table you can follow these tips:

  • You need to find the levellers on each leg. These are essential as you can create an even surface on the uneven ground. This is important as you cannot really play well with a tilted table.
  • Wind is the biggest enemy for a player. You need to keep your table in such a way that it reduces the impact of the wind.
  • If you are playing on grass, you can use a non-slip mat. This will help you in having a better game.
  • Avoid buying cheap outdoor tables. This is because they do not have a good bounce. They do not last long. If you want a consistent bounce you need to spend at least $450.
  • You need to take utmost care of your tables. Your table will not last long outside if you do not take care of it. You can buy foldable outdoor tables. These are good for storing in the garage. You can make use of covers. These will give extra protection to your tables.

Buying a cover:

The best outdoor tables can withstand the elements easily. They are designed in such a way so that they can act durable. But still, if you don’t protect them, they won’t last long.

For this reason, it is better that you buy a cover, check our review of best ping pong table covers. It is a great choice if you fold the table after use. You can, therefore, store it easily in a garage or somewhere dry.

If there are warm and dry conditions then you can use the indoor table too. But you should avoid using the table on a damp day. This is because the water can cause the wood top you get destroyed and this will permanently ruin the surface of the table.

Buying a ping pong table:

If you have a tight budget then you can consider buying an old or get a budget ping pong table. But for this purpose prefer the outdoor table. There are a lot of second-hand deals that you can get to buy a ping pong table.

When you are buying a ping pong table you need to be very careful. There a lot of extra bargains that you get. You might get tables that have good bargains but you need to take care of the table on which you are spending your money.

DIY outdoor ping pong table:

Making a table outdoor one is a bit difficult but you can do it if you can invest time. For this, you need patience, spare cash and some components. But you will not get the same quality of bounce that you get in the real product.

The guides that you will mostly go through using a wooden board of 9× 5. And there are some basic legs. This is suitable for indoor tables, but the outdoor tables will warp if it is not waterproof. You can use a metal or can use the concrete model. Concrete will not give similar bounce but it still has sufficient bounce.

The concrete ones cannot be stored easily. So you need to choose accordingly.

Best brands:

There is a wide collection of options that you can choose while selecting a ping pong table. The two top brands are Conilleau and Kettler. Joola and Stiga are also the best brands that you can get. Some other brands are butterfly and Dunlop.

Stay away from the combination of the outdoor pool and ping pong tables. These could be fun for the quick games. But the pool surface lacks a lot of desired stuff.


The weatherproofing of a table is necessary if you want to use it for outdoors. This is because the tables bounce and other things can get affected.

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