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XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table, Olympic Grade Review

Written by Jenny

When someone searches for the best table tennis table on earth, then he or she may end up finding the Xiom T5 Olympic table, as it fits the bill to the T. this is an exceptionally well-made table that ensures that you keep playing through all seasons, throughout the year. It helps you to excel the skill in playing table tennis and you will never regret the decision of buying this table. Read on to know why.

Xiom T5 Olympic Reviews

The assembly is minimal and easy. It is heavyweight and that assures that it is strong and well built. However, as it is heavy, at least two adult people are needed to lift each half of the table. It weighs 100 pounds altogether.

You need to put it upside down for assembly and thus it will be an easy task. If you have a 2 to 3-foot high elevated surface where you can keep this table in upside-down condition then it will be better to do the assembly job.

  • Also this elevated stage will help you to judge if there is any error in the safety locking mechanism or to just see how it works.
  • The instruction that comes along with this table is pretty detailed and it should take 15 to 30 minutes to assemble one half of the table, that is, if you are doing it on your own. If you have assistance then it will be done within 5 minutes.

The table comes for around and the quality much better than you can ever expect from a regular table tennis table. The construction is detailed and the bracing on the underside is an added feature. The legs are enough thick to hold this much weight. There are huge casters and the edging is also superb. The edging is flawless and so is the playing surface. You will be amazed by its various finishes and precisions.

Xiom T5 Olympic Features:

  • The table comes with an inch top which ensures that you get a well-finished surface for the game.
  • The table is easy to set up as we have mentioned earlier. The users also have confirmed that aspect of this Xiom T5 Olympic table. It takes barely 20 minutes all total to get this whole thing assembled from scratch.
  • You can also keep it stored with great ease. It is much easy to fold and roll.
  • The table is much strong and hardy. This is debatably the best quality table tennis table and it has been chosen by Coach Attila Malek of US National Championship. He had recommended this table as a best-priced table with best quality.
  • This one comes with a dual safety locking device. The muscle back helps in making it the most durable and sturdy table.
  • The two separate halves have four large wheels. This ensures safe and easy mobility of this table. The T shaped wheel leg unit helps in movement.
  • Each half of the table can be used as two freestanding tables. One side of the table can be flipped up so the table turns into practice mode.
  • There is a tough coat that increases the durability of the table. This one has been manufactured so it can resist heat and water. The laminating materials can help the table stay durable for a long time. Not only that, but the flat base coat also helps the table to get an increased life span.
  • The internationally patented lamination has been used on the playing surface. This ensures the high-quality bounce all over the surface and you get to experience the best quality gaming.
  • This table is for players of all heights and sizes. One can adjust the height of the table by the wheel or the lower round part. There are pre-fitted height adjustment screws on the front legs.
  • The new design from Xiom enables you to get increased play space on the surface. The legs can be pushed inside further so the interference is eliminated while playing.
  • The table is scratch resistant which means you can use this for longer periods as there will be less damage that occurred to this one. The power coating makes it shock resistant too. The power coating is done electronically on the metal parts of this table and then it is baked in high temperature. This process ensures the high-class finish of all the parts of this table.


  • Tough coat and anti gloss surface coating
  • Power coat finished legs
  • Height adjustment
  • Safety locks one at each side
  • Manual wedge locking
  • 4 break wheels
  • IITF approved
  • Wide surface
  • Minimal assembly time


  • Not for outdoor playing
  • Heavyweight


This ping pong table is harder in texture with the making of lighter material. It is somehow less immune to moisture compared to its competitors. It comes with Tourna surface which complies with the IITF standard. The high-grade coating method ensures the high reflection angle along with a good spin reflex. It comes with the competition-grade net set.


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