Yasaka Mark V Review Table Tennis Rubber

The brand Yasaka offered many unbeatable sports items which are of supreme quality. Yasaka rubber is no exception to this rule. Since 1926 the brand has been capturing the market and serving the sports industry. Mark V is their flagship product and it had successfully won over its competitors by means of quality and functionality.

Yasaka Mark V Review

Mark V came into the table tennis stage back in 1970 and it was used in championships. It is still holding its high rank in the range of sports items though the market has seen the arrival of many rubbers in recent years.

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The speciality:

This is one of the oldest and popular rubbers in the history of table tennis. This one provides heavy topspin attacking styles and it became phenomenal with time. The gripping surface e, superb control and medium sponge are some of its unique features that come with Mark V.

This rubber is good for beginners as well as professionals. The all-round blade and the best high-level playing option makes make it a boosted bat for offensive playing.


  • Great touch and excellent table play for the short game is a great aspect of Mark V.
  • You can control the speed as the ratio is quite high for this rubber. When this rubber is used combined with limba outer plies on the bat then the spin gets better and higher than usual.
  • This is not very fast but the consistency is great.
  • You can combine it with Primorac and you will get something like a spin machine.
  • It always offers the powerful loops and grips and yet it never loses its consistency.
  • You can use it with Butterfly power drive and you can win matches
  • As this is a more controllable rubber, it slowly helps you to improve the game and you will know how to not sacrifice speed for the improvement of the game.
  • You can call it classic rubber with 5 plywood blade to create a formidable defensive weapon. It is also great for the fast offensive blade.
  • It can be perfect for a fast offensive blade and can be slowed down.
  • Use Mark V Max or 2.0 or 3 layers of glue so you can get the racket which will play like the God of table tennis.
  • If you find it slow then you can use a max thickness sheet glued X3 On and Off or Off+ blade, which will play quite fast.
  • This rubber is recommended by all the serious coaches of table tennis. Intermediate offensive players can use this rubber to get good grip and spin.
  • The great adhesive surface of the Mark V helps the rubber to create lots of spins. Spinny shot players will love this rubber.
  • This is one of the best forgiving kinds of rubber which allows you to return the fine balls even with imperfect stroke.
  • This rubber is consistent and durable, so you can use it for many years.


  • Fast with great spin
  • Ideal pair with hard surface carbon blade
  • 8 mm thickness is great for all players
  • Cost-effective
  • Blend of natural and synthetic rubber
  • The soft top sheet is squishy
  • Good for chopping
  • Ideal for defensive and offensive players
  • Light and good for heavy blades


  • Not great loop
  • Cannot be adjusted very fast


When you will get this rubber you can use Butterfly Amultart, Butterfly Sardius or Xiom Alexo blades for offensive playing or Nittaku Tenor, Niom  Strato, Yasaka Malin Extra Offensive blade for all-round playing. The users have said that it is a tacky rubber, and it does not stick with blades much easier. Durability is a point in which you can trust this rubber. Even after 3 months of constant playing, you will see that the rubber is in great shape and not deformed.

This is truly a versatile rubber which lets you play any shot the way you like. The blocking seems easy as you can control it and counter hitting excellently.  This is a great rubber to be paired with a blade.  It has been there in the market for the last 2 decades and it is always a strong weapon for dynamic speed and spin.


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